ScienceLogic Review
Event creation, device relation building, and customization are excellent aspects of ScienceLogic for infrastructure and application monitoring.

Valuable Features

Event creation, device relation building, and customization are excellent aspects of ScienceLogic for infrastructure and application monitoring. Dashboards are another excellent feature as that provides a visual representation to application owners and support teams.

Improvements to My Organization

ScienceLogic has helped us to create a structural view of our infrastructure and applications that also details trending usage. Correlating the usage with logged events is useful in troubleshooting and knowledge creation.

Room for Improvement

One of the main areas for improvement would be the reporting section of ScienceLogic. There is a lot of great information that ScienceLogic collects but the current reporting option are very limited without extensive customization.

Use of Solution

Two years

Deployment Issues

Initial issues in deploying with vlan tagging due to changing network environment. Most of the deployment is very intuitive.

Stability Issues

Initial issue involving the hard drive specs created some issues but support was very helpful in solving and assisting us through this issue.

Scalability Issues

There was a few issue involving the quantity of devices to be monitored, including the interfaces, versus the amount of collectors required. Larger quantities of interfaces was the biggest issue but just required recalculating how many devices per collectors were necessary.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Excellent. The customer service and support has been the best of any vendor I have had experience dealing with in my professional history.

Technical Support:

I would also rate technical support as excellent. They have stayed with us through every issue we my face and provided consistent updates. The level of skill is exceptional for troubleshooting and has been an incredible resource.

Previous Solutions

Multiple tools were previously used but limited view, lacking features, and failed support caused use to switch.

Initial Setup

The initial setup was straightforward with the assistance of deployment support. It was a very educational setup.

Implementation Team

The initial deployment was through ScienceLogic but additional deployments were done through our in-house group. In both cases, deployment was easy and intuitive.


I believe the prevention and ability to quickly troubleshoot issues is the main ROI. The less time taken to deal with major issues, the more time teams can focus on other issues regarding services provided.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

Pricing and licensing is fair depending on how you plan to use ScienceLogic. The range of options ScienceLogic provides makes the cost flexible and reasonable.

Other Solutions Considered

Some other options consisted of Nagios and SolarWinds. The reason ScienceLogic was chosen is for it's functionality and customization. It's growing integration with other tools and the ability to grow per customer needs makes it an excellent tool.

Other Advice

ScienceLogic is a tool that you can appreciate to multiple levels of technical experience. The ability to customize and grow the tool to the company needs is a huge benefit.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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