ScienceLogic Review
The Power Packs are my favorite feature.

Valuable Features

The Power Packs that are available are amazing. It took me ~10 minutes to fully configure multiple Pure disk arrays. The Cisco UCS power pack was even faster. Literally pointed it at the IP of the UCS and it did all the work.

Improvements to My Organization

Dashboards have been great. Management loves seeing all the little green lights. Steep learning curve but very beneficial.

Room for Improvement

The UI takes a bit to learn but once you get past that it gets the job done. Creating dashboards is also complex but that is because of the sheer number of options.

Use of Solution

2+ years

Deployment Issues

We have not had any issues with the initial install or any updates. Very straight forward. No curve balls. Configuring firewalls will take much longer than settings up ScienceLogic.

Stability Issues

Our server is overloaded but still works great. We are planning on adding more nodes to alleviate this. We were also expecting a large uptick in network resource usage but its amazingly small.

Scalability Issues

No issues with scalability. We have pushed our server beyond whats recommended and it is still chugging along fine.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

10/10. Have never had any bad experiences with the customer service. Prompt responses and they always help out.

Technical Support:

11/10!!! The support team is AMAZING! I cannot stress this enough. Every call the support team goes above and beyond troubleshooting.

Previous Solutions

Nagios. We switched because it is less effort to configure new devices in ScienceLogic. The power packs are really what sets ScienceLogic apart from other solutions.

Initial Setup

Very simple to roll out. Have not had any issues with initial installs or any updates. The hardest part for us was configuring SNMP across hundreds of Unix servers which took some scripting.

Implementation Team

In house install. No issues on the roll out. Fairly standard set up. Nothing too complicated. Updates are as simple as uploading the file to the Science Logic server and hitting go.


We have not done any official ROI for ScienceLogic. We do feel its 100% worth it. Management loves seeing the dashboards up and the alerting has been amazing.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

Costs more than Nagios but has way more features and is 100% worth the price. The power packs make such a big difference.

Other Solutions Considered

We were using Nagios before and switched to ScienceLogic. I don't recall the other products we reviewed prior. ScienceLogic does everything we need it to.

Other Advice

I cannot stress how great the Power Packs are. The Pure Disk and Cisco UCS packs are out of this world. There haven't been many things we have not found integration for.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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