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The most impressive feature is the event management capabilities.

Valuable Features

There are a large number of very valuable features within ScienceLogic, the most impressive feature is the event management capabilities. With the ability to create custom events administrators can dial in monitoring and really customize events for specific devices or applications that help ensure you are on top of issues and stabilizing your environment.

Improvements to My Organization

ScienceLogic has helped our organization in numerous ways, these include capacity planning in our network, virtual environments and applications. Along with the ability to view the health of applications which have instances located around the globe. ScienceLogic allows us to test connectivity between locations and structure the product to fit our needs.

Room for Improvement

In many different areas of the product there are terminology inconsistencies, these inconsistencies are within the product and also within the IT world, these are definite area’s that need improvement; however with a little use they become second nature.

Use of Solution

I have been utilizing this product for about two years, monitoring over 600,000 interfaces within our infrastructure and we have created over 250 IT services which reflect application or groups of devices which have relations.

Deployment Issues

We encountered quite a few issues with our deployment, my team and I knew nothing about ScienceLogic and we were also a brand new group to our company so we knew nothing about the environment we were being asked to monitor. With all of that ScienceLogic staff were exceptional walking us through all of our questions and concerns and failures when setting up our Instance.

Stability Issues

We have had a few issues with Stability, I think the product itself it very stable and the power it provides administrators can cause instability. Once of the features we find very beneficial is IT services, which are extremely powerful, however if you set them up incorrectly you can overwhelm the database.

Scalability Issues

Yes, however our issues were due to not understanding the size of our environment and the group that originally sized the product was providing bad information. As we have increased the amount of devices and the range of those devices we have run in to scaling issues which will most likely cause us to stand up a brand new instance of ScienceLogic to meet our needs. This is not a solution we are excited about but it is a solution none the less

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

The level of customer service we have received from all of the ScienceLogic team has been exceptional. We continue to stay in contact with our Sales executive, and when we have issues with the product Tech support follows up regularly after closing out tickets to ensure our issues have not reoccurred and our customer advocate representative know what is going on with our system when we call them, they know our history and our roadmap.

Technical Support:

ScienceLogic Technical Support has always provided a solution and in one instance a Tech support person stayed on a support call with me and my team over the entire weekend to help us sort out issues that we ourselves created. Technical support knows the product very well and they always go the extra mile to ensure success.

Previous Solutions

Previously multiple event management systems were in use; however due to 4 different monitoring tools being utilized we were unable to integrate the entire set into one screen. ScienceLogic had the ability to perform the work of many of these tools and was able to integrate with the tools it could not replace.

Initial Setup

Our deployment was straightforward, however we had gone through ScienceLogic’s professional training prior to deployment allowing my team to understand the product prior to deployment. I believe it would have seemed much more complex without the training that we had been given.

Implementation Team

We utilized ScienceLogic deployment team, they walked us through what we needed setup on our network to allow the product to function and also walked us through the setup. of each server we deployed. There were complex portions and easier portions, the Professional Services tech was easily able to perform all steps of the installation.


I am unable to provide numbers; however after deploying ScienceLogic in our infrastructure and configured IT services around our critical applications we have experienced a considerable drop in major incidents which impact our customers. The reduction improves our company’s image and also allows for more time to be spent enabling resiliency and less time dealing with outages.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

I am not able to comment on licensing, we purchase licensees outright and I am unfamiliar with the other subscription models.

Other Solutions Considered

I was not part of the team which evaluated tools to monitor.

Other Advice

IT services are an extremely powerful tool that is underutilized and very little time is spent in any of your training classes going over IT services. We have been able to collect data and report on data that no other tool I have found can report on without a massive amount of work. I also believe your staff needs to be trained to a higher degree on IT services. Monitoring and event management is simple, you provide customers the ability to relate the data and aggregate the data collected. During symposiums customers don’t seem to know the power they have in front of them if they learn the IT services. IF I were in charge of ScienceLogic I would find a way to promote and Sell IT services. The use cases are endless.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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