SCSM Review

The out-of-the-box SCSM Self-Service portal is almost useless, but there are several automated processes through the tool we perform.

Valuable Features

The Separate Activity management module is really helpful in view of the complexity of the tasks (incidents and change requests) we perform daily.

Improvements to My Organization

There are several automated processes through the tool we perform (IM, SRF, CM, activity management). And the routine of emails, calls and verbal approaches are directed to the tool specially customized to our needs.

Improved time management, all the details logged (nothing missed), roles and responsibilities in tool are set according to policy/procedure.

Room for Improvement

Out-of-the-box SCSM Self-Service portal is almost useless. You can research third party products that will allow you to use more features of SCSM via a web self service portal as well.

Also, the lack of a mobile version is disappointing.

Use of Solution

I've used it for approximately one year.

Stability Issues

Sometimes the SCSM console on a FAT client hangs.

Scalability Issues

The number of console connections should be not 50 per management server (as per Microsoft advice) but less than 40 due to performance issues.

Customer Service and Technical Support

6/10 - the overall Microsoft technical support is surely higher, but taking into consideration that any incident that affects business continuity will take a week or to be solved because of a lack of SCSM experts severely takes something away.

Previous Solutions

I didn’t choose SCSM, but was forced to work with it.

Previously, I used two in-house developed tools, ManageEngine and CA Service Desk Manager.

Initial Setup

We followed Microsoft's advice, and it was straightforward.

Implementation Team

It was implemented in-house and the only valuable advise is to plan, again plan then do, check and then act. You need to know how many users, what roles, what services, SLAs, tiers, members, and distribution lists because SCSM works with AD DL`s for allocating roles.

Other Advice

Look around as there are a lot of better solutions!

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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Could u please more information about SCSM 2016. Share me details in my Mail.

30 January 17
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