Selenium HQ Review

It makes life easy when it comes to writing test cases.​

Valuable Features

The whole code is available on the internet. This gives potential users the ability to modify the code as per their use case. It automates the entire manual testing process reducing testing time drastically. For instance, during my internship, we automated the entire Sanity and Regression testing suite and bought down the total testing time from one hour to five minutes.

Improvements to My Organization

Selenium has two uses in my company. Firstly, our QA team uses Selenium to automate their tests. Secondly, our product BrowserStack Automate is based over Selenium and lets you run any Selenium script on different browser and OS combinations.

Room for Improvement

Primarily there are improvements I can suggest:

  • Its does not support AJAX requests
  • It is not optimized for testing on mobile devices

Use of Solution

I have been working as a Selenium Specialist at BrowserStack for the past 20 months. I answer any Selenium related emails that our customers send us. Previously, I had used Selenium during my Internship at TCS.

Deployment Issues

Deployment is not applicable to Selenium.

Stability Issues

Selenium is pretty stable, if not 100%.

Scalability Issues

Scalability is certainly possible. Selenium server can handle multiple tests running in parallel.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Working as Selenium tech support for BrowserStack, I wouldn’t be able to rate myself. However, the software being open source, the help on the internet is immense.

Previous Solutions

I haven't had to use any other products.

Initial Setup

You need a basic understanding of the any particular language such as Java, C#, PHP to get started with Selenium. If yes, getting started with Selenium is pretty easy. Takes less than an half an hour to get started.

Implementation Team

I have tried it myself. As I mentioned, a lot of resources are available on the internet regarding different approaches to use Selenium.

Other Solutions Considered

It’s open source and free.

Other Advice

There's nothing much to complain about Selenium, barring a few shortcomings. The Selenium IDE plugin –, records your clicks and you can export this recorded test case to code in Java, C# etc. Though the converted code is not entirely stable, it certainly makes life easy when it comes to writing test cases.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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