ServiceNow Review

The fact that it's cloud based is important to us.

Valuable Features

  • The way it can integrate with other applications.
  • How it can be a central hub for anything we need to do
  • The fact that it's cloud based. That's huge for us.

Room for Improvement

It'd be nice to maybe have some help features or some nice how to's to where if you need something, this is what you do. If something broke, this is what you do. Have that more readily available and more straightforward.

Use of Solution

I've personally used it for about a year.

Stability Issues

I haven't had any problems. No latency. No issues.

Scalability Issues

I believe so. We're going to use this as our central point for so many things.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Very knowledgeable and very quick. The questions that we've had to have, or issues that we've had, we've had them answered extremely quick. I'm very happy about that.

Previous Solutions

We're slowly integrating it. They're still using Heat for incident management. They had nothing for project intake, for onboarding, or service requests so we're bringing those on now as well.

Initial Setup

Our initial setup was not the best. We had some issues with it with the company that implemented it for us. We're with a different company now and it has been just fantastic. They've taken us through the whole thing, they've helped us out and they've worked with us step by step.

Other Advice

I would highly recommend it. I would say first thing you need to do is sit down and figure out how you're going to start with it and then, where do you want to expand from. Obviously, you don't want every module to start with. Start off with what's your biggest need or what's the easiest to implement and then go from there.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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