SevOne Review

It provides granularity of data, fast response time, a quick display, and requires less manual intervention.

Valuable Features

  • It provides accurate data, which is critical.
  • I also like the very quick reporting, as I can pull up graphs and charts very quickly.
  • Real time reporting – one-minute polling, as opposed to fifteen-minute polling, so that’s fifteen times better. If we had better equipment I think we could do it even quicker.

Improvements to My Organization

With previous platforms we had to manually add and remove devices. With this solution, it's all automatic – all auto discovery and deletion, which is amazing. It gives us visibility that we didn’t have before.

Room for Improvement

I can't think of anything as they have been very good to us, though it’s a little bit expensive. You could pay three times and get junk, or pay just once and get something good.

Use of Solution

I've been using it since 2012.

Deployment Issues

No, actually it was really quick, and the only issues were from our own internal teams. We would have had it deployed in a month-and-a-half without those hurdles, but it took six months, which is not bad either.

Stability Issues

It's been rock solid.

Scalability Issues

We still have the original server form and we have not had to install much additional hardware, except just to add teams to the server.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

It's really good.

Technical Support:

We're on a first name basis with all our support guys. We have gone to Delaware and Boston to visit them; they are good people.

Previous Solutions

We previously used HP OVPI and we switched because the granularity of data, faster response time, quicker display, the tool was cheaper as well, and required less manual intervention.

Initial Setup

It was pretty straightforward.

Implementation Team

We implemented with a vendor team – those guys know their stuff. They are one of the reasons we chose the product.

Other Solutions Considered

We evaluated EMC Watch4net and InfoVista. There were even more – maybe a good seven other vendors we looked at.

Other Advice

You have to know what you're looking for – we knew exactly what we were looking for and basically if you know that it's much easier to find a solution that meets your needs. Stick to your guns – don’t settle. We did not settle.

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