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We have taken advantage of the list features extensively and the ability to clone subsites.

Valuable Features

We have taken advantage of the list features extensively and the ability to clone subsites.

The creation of lists and the ability to tie lists together is valuable. This has made my job and other different department’s jobs easier. We have many different lists defined on our server. We can use one of the list items on another list so that we have data integrity. That way everyone spells IBM the same, etc.

The ability to make templates of sites means thatt they can be easily recreated over and over.

Improvements to My Organization

An example of how we use the lists is what we call our parking portal. We have a list of pin numbers that parking has given to us to use in our underground parking lot. We have several different departments that use these numbers and they get charged when they use them. We have a separate list for reservations that we tie to the pin numbers. This is used to make sure that:

  • The pins are only used once.
  • The appropriate department gets charged for the parking pin used.

Room for Improvement

It does too many things and some of them seem impossible to set up.

One of the features that I could not get set up was the access interface. It had many steps and I just couldn’t get it to work. It should be easier to build access applications to do some of the things we want to get done.

Use of Solution

We have used Microsoft SharePoint since 2007. We have upgraded to 2010 and then to 2013.

Stability Issues

I have run into problems with Microsoft updates killing my test machine for two months...

Scalability Issues

I have not encountered any issues with scalability.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Technical support is 5 out of 10; it is complex and must all work.

Previous Solutions

We didn't have anything that did this before.

Initial Setup

Initial setup was complex. You needed to understand the parts before you could set up the whole, and you needed to understand what parts you needed to get going.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

Pricing seems fine. Licensing seems straightforward.

Other Solutions Considered

Nothing else did this at the time we started up.

Other Advice

Start out in the cloud and see if that will get you where you want to go.

This version is a lot easier to use than the predecessors but it is still not easy to setup and get running. I love the new features and look forward to working with Microsoft SharePoint O365 online.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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Orlee GillisConsultant

Which tasks are you unable to do due to the limited ability to build access applications?

13 October 16
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