Silk Test Review

It's helped us to automate routine regression tests, though it doesn't support the latest versions of some UI libraries .

Valuable Features

1) SilkTest provides great object model and general approach for windows declarations. A lot of things which existed in SilkTest for ages were implemented in some other solutions relatively lately

2) Quite powerful internal language (4Test) however with Open Agent there is an ability to write tests using Java or C#.

3) It used to be relatively fast in comparison to TestComplete or QTP. Partially it's due to relatively light-weight IDE

4) Good system of test cases and application states

5) It is initially designed to support distributed test runs

Improvements to My Organization

With the help of SilkTest we've automated a bunch of routine regression tests. Thus we saved our testing team weeks of testing time.

Room for Improvement

1) Many times I've seen that SilkTest doesn't support the latest versions of some UI libraries (that happened many times for DevExpress and Infragistics). Being on top of cutting edge technologies is vital

2) Despite the support of real programming languages like Java and C# this feature wasn't really convenient to use. Old-style 4Test solution still seemed to be more convenient and efficient. It would be nice to have windows definitions recorder which could create windlasses and window objects on Java and C# in similar fashion as it was initially done for 4Test

3) Installer errors could take place. Since for potential users it's first impression on the system such errors shouldn't take place at all

4) Some technologies were supported in a form of extensions (e.g. ActiveX, Web). It would be good if we wouldn't have a need to make additional setup to start working with at least mainstream technologies

Use of Solution

Intensive use during 2004-2007. Some temporary consulting on 2012

Deployment Issues

I've seen a lot of potential users upset with the SilkTest due to broken installation. By default when we install SilkTest it is configured to use Open Agent. But after installation some service wasn't started so that Open Agent was inaccessible. Despite fix is pretty quick a lot of users were upset with it. That problem was available on 2012. Hope at the moment it is fixed

Stability Issues

Sometimes it was hard to handle long runs which take longer than 12 hours. Agent or IDE could hang from time to time. But in overall, SilkTest was pretty stable even on machines which were working weeks without any restart

Scalability Issues


Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Never had a chance to communicate

Technical Support:

Never had a chance to communicate

Previous Solutions

Before SilkTest our company used WinRunner. Switch to SilkTest was justified by:

1) License cost

2) More up-to-date technology

3) Numerous technical advantages listed in the most valuable features section

Initial Setup

Setup in general is pretty easy. There were 2 major issues we could encounter:

1) In addition to base technologies we had to enable extensions to support ActiveX, Web and some other UI types. And extensions could be picked up after some retries which wasn't really convenient

2) Not sure about now but SilkTest was hard to work on machines which had Mercury (later acquired by HP) products installed (WinRunner, QTP or LoadRunner). Usually problem appeared with extensions. They couldn't be enabled

Implementation Team


Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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19 November 15
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