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You can easily make decisions based on the visualizations however the ability to handle larger data sets needs work

Valuable Features

The most valuable feature is the ability to combine multiple/disparate data sources into one and derive intelligence from them. Also, the ability to easily visualize the data-sets via Sisense studio is a key feature.

Improvements to My Organization

The client we have deployed this for is now able to easily make decisions based on the visualizations from this BI solution. Top Executive Management is able to make decisions without necessarily relying on reports from the mid-level management. This has greatly improved the ability to make decisions based on trends from the past by making projections to the future.

Room for Improvement

The ability to handle larger data sets, tables in the hundreds of millions of rows range.

Use of Solution

Two years.

Deployment Issues

No, the process for deployment was straightforward especially with the older version V4. However, IMO, the new v5 which is purely web-based has a lot of optimizations in order to be equal to or better the previous version. This has greatly hindered our upgrade to the newer version as some of the most obvious features are missing.

Stability Issues

Yes. We have encountered some issues especially as far as importation of data is concerned. Sometimes the platform works great, but other times, it's a drag and users are always on our necks to speed it up.

Scalability Issues

Yes, as the number of rows or volume of data has increased over the past two years, the querying time has been gradually increasing and this has impacted user productivity.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Satisfactory, with opportunity to improve. Some issues are speedily handled, however, others take forever to be taken care of and communication is sometimes lacking.

Technical Support:

Adequate. The team of engineers are adequately skilled to deal with whatever we throw at them.

Previous Solutions

No previous solution used.

Initial Setup

The initial setup was straightforward. The installation process was very clear; it was/is very clear what one needs to do for the product to work or to derive the maximum use from it. Proper documentation has helped a great deal.

Implementation Team

Vendor team; 9/10. They were adequately skilled to provide the solution.

Other Solutions Considered

Yes, other products such as QlikView & Tableau.

Other Advice

You should have adequate SQL skills as this will come in handy. Else, prepare to have some fun slicing and dicing data.

Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: We are also a partner. We implement their software.
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Boris KacevichReal User

Totally agree with the review, handled Sisense in a POC in our company.
Great visualizations, intuitive setup and user friendly.
Lacks stability and data loading features as Sliding window (incremental load), not consistent in queries execution times.

In general, great prospect, not mature enough from my point of view

28 January 15
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