Sitecore Experience Manager Review

It's a CMS with the usual features and functions. It was an old version and for us to move to a newer version we had to take three separate projects with each one incurring significant cost.

I feel a little bad giving Sitecore a 6/10, because I think the problems the organisation I worked for had with it were partially because of: 

- shiny toy purchase

- not fit for the org's purpose (more to do with the org)

- UX and UI was poor meaning users didn't engage with it even after training

However, some of the problems were because of Sitecore CMS - the upgrade paths were a horror. Yes, it was an old version but for us to get off of that old version we had to take three separate projects with each one incurring significant cost to the org. After toting it all up, including all of the support costs and licensing, it just wasn't worth it. 

So, okay, we have some of the bad points but some of the good points are as follows: 

- it's a CMS with the usual features and functions. 

It had a generic admin type interface that wasn't all that intuitive but it was what it was: 

Sitecore admin
Sitecore admin

You do have a ribbon but - CMSs often have ribbons. Saying that, it's a familiar thing for users of Word so it can make learning the system easier: 

Users can publish files. Again, preview, publish and controls on these two things are available on most CMSs now: 

You can manage permissions visually. Again, not something that was an astounding feature: 

I just didn't find any amazing features. It allows multiple users to post departmental updates (even wordpress allows that). I allowed media to be uploaded, but not very easily (for things like videos). Every basic change, including banners and bespoke basics, needed a Sitecore dev. Costly to the max, as you can imagine. 

I wish I could rave about how it saved lots of time and money but Sitecore CMS didn't. Was this more due to the way the org used it? Possibly. But Sitecore didn't do itself any favours. 

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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