SolarWinds DameWare Review

We're able to see issues from the users' perspectives, but there are issues when connecting over VPN.

Valuable Features:

The ability to see issue from users perspective and installation of software.

Improvements to My Organization:

Worked well for awhile but issues with it connecting over VPN was a major drawback.

Use of Solution:

We've been using it since 2009. We also utilize GoToAssist which has more features and runs smoother. It also allows us to send files to the user, and connect to users working remotely over VPN which Dameware does not do.

Deployment Issues:

No issues encountered.

Stability Issues:

VPN users are an issue as well as some machines that just will not allow the client to connect, then we have to utilize GoToAssist.

Scalability Issues:

No issues encountered.

Previous Solutions:

We are actually using Dameware for systems on our network, and for VPN users we utilize GoToAssist.

Initial Setup:

It was very easy to install.

Implementation Team:

We did it in-house.

Other Advice:

Would recommend GoToAssist honestly, as it does everything Dameware does only better and offers more features.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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