SolarWinds Netflow Traffic Analyzer Review

Review of Network Traffic Analyzer

Disclaimer: I work for a company that has a partnership with Solarwinds and provides services for Solarwinds products.

I have had nothing but good things to say about the Solar winds products. I have the pleasure to use NPM, IPSLA, NTA, and Engineers Tool Kit. We have a large network that without NPM would be hard to monitor and find problems. NTA allows us to keep good tabs on what people and systems are doing on our networks. It is nice to know who is playing World of War craft as an example or which server is pegging an interface. IPSLA has giving us the global view of how our network can handle real-time data. We have been able to vastly improve how implement routing and QOS in order to provide better throughput that result in a higher SLA compliance.

Network Traffic Analyzer
• Quick View of Bandwidth hogs
• Easy to read Per Interface throughput views
• Customizable protocol monitoring for consumption breakdown

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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