SolarWinds NPM Review

The latest iteration is an extremely powerful tool

I have used Solarwinds NPM since it was Orion. I have found that with a little effort, the latest iteration is an extremely powerful tool. I leaves Openview in the dust. The reports can be customized with either a simple interface with a complex SQL query. Alerting is superb. You can even set the alerts so that you will not get flooded when key components fail (as in WAN links) The licencing is not actually per node, but three levels of maximun and an unlimited. Either way, the pricing is extremely reasonable and the anual is for supporty and upgrades. The people at Solarwinds have always been very responsive.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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You are right and I would like to add other features that Network Performance Monitor has: first is ConnectNow Topology Mapping. It allows the environment to be mapped in real time automatically, which provides graphical visibility into the network. Second is Integrated Wireless Poller, which monitors wireless devices for security and other issues to allow more widespread use of wireless technologies by reducing the pain to manage these items. The third one is Report Writer, which gives the administrator the ability to create his own custom reports detailing things within his environment.

26 November 13
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