SolarWinds NPM Review
Gives us a single console where we can see the entire network

Primary Use Case

We're using it for monitoring network uptime. We were testing it out for applications and for servers, but that didn't work for us. We wanted a different solution, an end-to-end type of monitoring. We wanted to see the end-user experience.

Improvements to My Organization

It gives us a map of the network setup and one console to see the entire network.

Valuable Features

The ability to be able to control the network equipment.

Room for Improvement

It would be helpful if they were tied up with one of the hardware vendors so we wouldn't have so much to set up. Another feature I would ask for is for them to have this solution available for Linux systems instead of Windows.

Use of Solution

Three to five years.

Stability Issues

The stability is good. 

Customer Service and Technical Support

I'm part of the THWAK, a community that uses SolarWinds. They're okay. There are so many configurations there, although they didn't really apply to us.

Previous Solutions

We didn't have any network monitoring when I started with the company, and SolarWinds was already there.

My most important criteria when selecting a vendor is support, onsite.

Initial Setup

It was straightforward. You just install the application.

Pricing, License Cost and Setup

You have to license it per year, for the support. You don't really need to have support once you've already set it up. Once you install SolarWinds, you can skip on the licensing. It will still work.

Other Advice

SolarWinds is pretty straightforward. If you're a startup, you want to stand up a solution quickly, then SolarWinds would be good for you because it doesn't have a big learning curve to implement it.

I would rate this solution an eight out of 10. They're pretty good but we really have pretty predominantly Cisco equipment, so Cisco would offer a better free view of the equipment right now.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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