SonarQube Review

the API documentation is poor, when it exists at all, but it does easily integrate with Jenkins.

Valuable Features:

The feature I find most valuable are--

  • Quick access to issues in the code
  • The ability to define your own analysis profiles
  • Easy integration with Jenkins

Improvements to My Organization:

For the record, what I do with SonarQube is develop a language plugin for a language not previously covered by SonarQube. As such, my experience of running SonarQube is limited to that necessary to have the plugin tested, nothing more.

Room for Improvement:

I'd like to see more API documentation, including, but not limited to, more extensive documentation of provided examples.

Use of Solution:

I've used it for eight months.

Initial Setup:

I only deployed it for development purposes and it was pretty straightforward. You unzip, configure, and run. Of course, production deployments will require more than that.

The provided archives are self running; but since this is a bona fide webapp, you might want to use your own servlet container to run it instead.

Other Solutions Considered:

No, I didn't. I was employed specifically for this plugin, and while know other code-quality control solutions exist, I didn't explore any of them.

Other Advice:

Product is good, but the API documentation is poor, when it exists at all.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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