Sophos UTM Review

The reliability of the equipment makes it possible to provide stable connections but IPSEC site-to-site VPN connectivity needs to be improved.

Valuable Features

  • Reliability
  • Usability
  • Number of features that fully cover goals
  • Perfect support
  • Possibility to get “under the hood”

Improvements to My Organization

The Sophos solution provides a branch to head office distributed network for a construction company across New Zealand, and the reliability of the equipment makes it possible to provide stable connections and is easy to implement and support.

Room for Improvement

Would be great if it would be possible to improve IPSEC site-to-site VPN connectivity over slow/unstable internet connections.

Use of Solution

This particular configuration has been in use for about two and a half years.

Deployment Issues

No issues encountered.

Stability Issues

Very rare cases of appliance lost admin password or web-service hangs.

Scalability Issues

No issues encountered.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Since I’m an engineer, I probably cannot evaluate this aspect, however as far as I know equipment order and upgrade was always fine

Technical Support:

4.99 out of 5 – support is very helpful, only once there were misunderstanding about licensing and number of supported Sophos WAPs and that was resolved promptly and fully.

Previous Solutions

For this project, the Sophos infrastructure has been planned and deployed from the start and there has been no need to change it

Initial Setup

It's logically straightforward and the transparent interface made possible a quick deployment. However, a little time was needed to get familiarized with the interface.

Implementation Team

It was implemented in house.

Other Advice

Nothing is perfect, but with Sophos those are really small – sometimes it is incorrect firmware upgrade paths, or rare log in problems (device forgetting admin password). All those though can be fixed, there is plenty information in the Internet and support is usually awesome. Also, you need to plan the solution and costs involved, while having in mind potential growth of users/connections; e.g. creating virtual appliances and allocating resources (RAM, CPU, NICs) minding potential workload.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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Nigel WilliamsonReal UserTOP 5

Good overview form a Tech.

24 June 15

Hello, I can´t belive that the UTM can "lost" or "forgot" admins passwords :)
Sounds very odd, never happened us before for more than 10 years...

24 June 15
Systems Engineer at Base-2 ICT Services LtdReal User

Hi PatrikS, it was ASG120, had to reset it connecting via com port and using monitor connected to the unit.

25 June 15
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