SOTI MobiControl Review

More detailed documentation is needed but using SOTI Mobicontrol we have been able to install and upgrade 1600+ devices.

Valuable Features

Remote Control Devices, Creation of Packages, Deployment Rules, Setting devices Timezones/policies etc.

Improvements to My Organization

Using SOTI Mobicontrol we have been able to install and upgrade the Mobile application on 1600+ devices in the field. This is a huge task in terms of good efficiency.

Room for Improvement

More detailed documentation is needed for the product and its features and dependencies.

Use of Solution

Two years.

Deployment Issues

Yes, there were issues in setting up and configuring SOTI Mobicontrol at our site.

Stability Issues

Yes, We used an older version of SOTI MobiControl v4.1 and sometimes it becomes unresponsive considering the huge number of devices. Also if the rules are applied to a larger number of devices the system becomes unstable.

Scalability Issues

Haven't tried scaling up.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Customer service is good but there is lack of technical support for older versions. For every fix that we asked, they suggested to upgrade the system to their latest version of SOTI Mobicontrol.

Technical Support:


Previous Solutions


Initial Setup

Initial setup was complex for us as we wanted to upgrade from an older version V4.1 to Version 9 or 10 or later. We have 1600+ devices that were to be upgraded to new server and device agent. But even after multiple rounds of calls with SOTI Support they were still unable to upgrade correctly. They suggested to install a new version instead of upgrade and then move the devices. This is not an easy task and we are still on old version 4.1 of SOTI Mobicontrol.

Implementation Team

We used In-house team to setup along with SOTI Tech Support.

Other Solutions Considered


Other Advice

The product is good and is stable and I would recommend it to new customers. But you should have the correct setup and configuration of this product. If you make any mistakes during setup then it may not be easily corrected once you start managing devices in production. If you are looking for an upgrade from an older version to a new version then it can be very challenging.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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