Spiceworks Review

The main dashboard is completely configurable, but performance can be slow on larger networks.

I have used Spiceworks for the purpose of network monitoring and management, while it also gives options for PC inventory and reporting software reporting. I was just trying out a lot of various options out there before sticking to one for my purposes like Zabbix and Nagios. I ended up choosing an option other than Spiceworks, not because it was not a good option, but because the other option(s) fit my needs better (the others being Zabbix and PRTG). 

Spiceworks have a lot of things working for its favor as mentioned below:


  • Fast installation
  • Main dashboard completely configurable
  • Easy to use monitoring console
  • Active user community, with forums, ratings and reviews, how-tos and whitepapers
  • Free
  • Easy to install and configure for Windows environments
  • “All in one” solution for Inventory, Monitoring, and Help Desk
  • Great starting point for IT management

While it is a great tool for small to medium sized companies, there are some problems that one can face when expanding. I tested the same using several thousand virtual servers and monitoring the same via Spiceworks. The performance was not what one would expect. The following were the following things which if looked into can make Spiceworks a great tool at all levels. 


  • On larger networks, performance can be slow
  • Limited scalability
  • Does not facilitate managing control of monitored devices
  • Some initial device configuration is required to be recognized by Spiceworks
  • VMWare and Unix systems not discovered nearly as easily as Windows 
  • Does not provide the same depth of monitoring and control as enterprise-level products 

Well at the end if you are new to the field of IT, and have a small to medium sized company, do not hesitate to give Spiceworks a shot, its real easy (with no steep learning curve as Nagios), with excellent features and support.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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author avatarOrlee Gillis

Anuj, looking back, are you pleased with the decision that you made to use Zabbix and PRTG instead of Spiceworks?