SQLite Review

Single-file based database which is useful for testing and for embedding in many applications

Valuable Features:

- For me it was a really fast setup, I only needed to include a library into my application - This DMS is embedded, there is no need for the user to think about connections - It is used for testing because many frameworks, for example Rails use SQLite as testing database - For me was very easy to move a database - I observed that it has not external dependencies

Room for Improvement:

- I used both SQLite and MySQL and I observed that SQLite’s capabilities are inferior to MySQL. - I noticed that SQLite does not have users and permissions, so everyone who can access the file can access all data - Also SQLite does not have performance improvement, it does not cache queries or optimizes selects. - I wanted to use SQLite with PHP, but I did not find many articles on the web about combining PHP with SQLite

Other Advice:

When I first heard about SQLite, I read that it is a single-file based database which is useful for testing and for embedding in many applications. This means that all the information is stored in a single file on a file system and I use a SQLite library to open this file to read and write my data. Then I compared it with MySQL and I noticed that MySQL is a database server which got different forms to store its data.
**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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