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Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services is one of the most effective ETL tools available in the market

Valuable Features:

Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services provides you the ability to build ETL solutions with very minimum background knowledge. If you are already familiar with DTS packages or fairly new to ETL, it is very easy for you to start with your first assignment using SSIS.Microsoft SSIS not only provides you the traditional ETL tasks for loading data from source to destination, it also provides you the ability to send emails using it and write your custom code using Script task and offers to process SSAS task, which makes it stand out from its competitors.It is specifically designed to provide high data transfer using parallel computational logic.Very easy to configure and deploy and maintenance is very low.

Room for Improvement:

It is unable to provide separate user account for each user like Data Hub. Actually Microsoft SSIS is more designed to build ETL solutions for enterprise level unlike Data Hub where each user can access the database and have their own sets of databases.Need to improve error logging although it does provide error logs but there is still more room for improvement in this area. Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services is one of the most effective ETL tools available in the market.Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services is very low cost compared to the market’s leader Informatica (Power Center) and almost offers everything you need to build your ETL solution.

Other Advice:

You need to have Microsoft SQL Server (Enterprise Edition) licensed to run Microsoft SSIS on your production environment. Like every other Microsoft product, It offers a very vibrant MSDN community along with Microsoft support staff for assistance.
**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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author avatarGaryM
Top 5PopularReal User

Hasham, are you reviewing SSIS 2012 or 2008? Clarifying that would be helpful as there are many differences between the versions.

2012 has a repository that logs and reports much more than just errors - it logs performance and comes with performance dashboards. You have several levels of logging to choose from and of course the more you log, the larger the performance hit. Its less than perfect logging (that's why I use BiXpress add-on as well as my own custom logging for custom reference data for tracking lifecycle performance unique to my architecture) but its superior out of the box in its logging to most ETL tools I've seen. Please see my article - SSIS the good, the bad and the ugly for a comprehensive review. Your point about the script task is worth noting as I'm relying on it more and more to fill in any gaps - you have the power within that task of C# and VB .net to pretty much do anything you can dream of within SSIS using industry standard coding.

author avatarit_user377610 (Senior System Software Engineer at a tech services company)

Hasham does provide a good initial review of SSIS, but I have to agree with Gary per the improvements that have been added with later versions.

author avatarGaryM
Top 5PopularReal User

2016 version due out in a few months is even much better and the first significant upgrade since 2012...if you haven't yet used SSIS I'd wait until 2016 and start there if you can. 2014 is unchanged from 2012.