Stormshield Network Security Review

Deploying the router mode is fine, but when deploying the bridge mode we had problems.

Valuable Features

Netasq Seismo is valuable.

Room for Improvement

  • Management interface (GUI)
  • IPS engine
  • Log management

Use of Solution

I've used the UTM for 15 months.

Deployment Issues

Always, especially in the in-line mode (bridge mode). It sounds like it should be easy to integrate on an existing network, but this is not true as the product was not functioning as expected/designed.

Stability Issues

Always as it unexpectedly reboots. The product is not stable at all, difficult to configure and manage.

Scalability Issues

I have never had the chance to deploy more than two units or in a large environment.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

They need to have people that are able to communicate efficiently using the English language. Before working with Netasq, I used to deal with Fortinet a lot, and there is no way that you can make any sort of comparison.

Technical Support:

Above average.

Previous Solutions

Fortinet, Dell SonicWall and Check Point because these products offer a wide range of features that are not available with Netasq.

Initial Setup

The router mode works fine but this was not the case with bridge mode.

Implementation Team

We implemented it in-house.


It's average.

Other Solutions Considered

No, which was a big mistake but the management decided at that time to go with Netasq since there was no existing distributor in Middle East region.

Other Advice

I don’t recommend this product at all. Go with Fortinet, Juniper or Check Point unless you don’t have the required budget then Netasq or any other low grade UTM might be enough for you.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
IT Division at Lais s.r.l.Real User

what version are you using? still netasq firmware or stormshield?
stormshield v2.2 is very stable.

is your firewall crashing (so under /log you can find some *.core files or maybe you've spoofing alarms?)

on netasq in bridge mode sometimes you've spoofing issues not for netasq product but for customer network missconfigurations.

09 December 15
IT Division at Lais s.r.l.Real User

i see now the topic is under ver 7 and 8.. netasq is in version 9 .. maybe a fw upgrade can help

09 December 15
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