StorPool Review
Gives us top performance from our cloud service with low latency

Primary Use Case

We started our cloud platform almost six years ago with OnApp. At that time, software defined storage was only a dream and we were forced to use traditional SAN. We were focused on performance, stability, and the possibility of expanding storage without changing hardware or buying new equipment. 

StorPool gave us all of these: unbeatable performance from our cloud service, low latency, and great support. Our customers are more than happy with the quality of our cloud platform and we are more than happy with StorPool storage.

Improvements to My Organization

We started our platform with ordinary storage solutions, but they led us to many problems that took a lot of time to debug and resolve. Since implementing StorPool we have not had any downtime. We have high-performance storage that we can expand if needed. We can also provide custom solutions, based on StorPool, that work for our clients.

StorPool software is also cost-effective and gives us a pricing advantage over our competitors.

Valuable Features

When we first tested StorPool, we were impressed by the performance and the option to expand our storage almost without limit. In the beginning, we used several servers and expanded storage when needed. Doing so, we gave our clients stability and ensured their needs would always be met.

Room for Improvement

At times we need to check the disks and do some minor operations. A friendlier user interface would be useful in such cases.

Use of Solution

Three to five years.

Stability Issues

We have never encountered any issues with stability. Even when some of our hypervisors went down, the data was protected and re-balanced over working servers.

Scalability Issues

We have upgraded disk space several times. It's easy and takes place without any interruptions.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Storpool support is top-notch. We can contact them at any time if we have problems or questions. We receive quick and detailed response.

Previous Solutions

We used a standard storage solution from QSAN, but we had issues with it at times. Also, it was impossible to scale without either buying a new one or requiring downtime.

Initial Setup

All setup was done by Storpool, along with all necessary tests. They helped us a lot in upgrading the version of our platform to match their needs. Also, if there is a new version, they do full research into what we must do to update.

Pricing, License Cost and Setup

The licensing model is very flexible and is cost-effective.

Other Advice

If your choose Storpool, you will receive a very good product, stability, top support, and absolutely qualified technical staff who are always ready to help.

StorPool has a great team of professionals that we can always rely on. That is why we are sure that our service will be uninterrupted.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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