SuccessFactors Review
You can use the Compensation and Recruitment modules without additional instructions.

Valuable Features

Comp and Recruitment: They really bring value for the managers and cost savings to HR. They are the easiest to use without additional instructions. The feedback received from the managers is very positive and they can also understand the benefits to their own organizations. E.g., in Compensation, a manager can manage the whole team at once and ensure they’ll implement the pay policy and guidelines.

Improvements to My Organization

There are top management recruitments where Recruitment has been utilized without using external recruiters.

Room for Improvement

LMS, the admin tool, is quite complex and requires a lot of admin work. The admin tool in LMS is a ‘system inside another system’ as the former Plateau, and the logic is not so self-evident as it is in BizX modules. SuccessFactors has ensured well that the LMS user experience continues but the admin tool is still separate from the BizX admin centre.

Use of Solution

I have used it since 2011. We currently use SuccessFactors EC, Comp. PM&GM, Succession, LMS, Recruitment.

Stability Issues

I have only encountered temporary performance issues, lasting a couple of hours. These are very rare anyhow.

Scalability Issues

Based on my experience, the system can be very flexible and easily configured based on the company requirements.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Of course, the level of technical support depends on your support model and whether you are taking the support directly from SuccessFactors or from the partner. However, partners cannot impact the technical settings too much. My experience is that SuccessFactors has done a lot of enhancements to their support during the year.

Previous Solutions

We previously used SAP HR. The most important reasons for changing the system were user experience, data visibility (portal) and cost savings.

Initial Setup

Initial setup was straightforward, as global and lean master data was maintained in the previous system.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

The most important is of course what systems you are able to implement (aggressive or less aggressive implementation) and then consider the implementation and license plan. It is also very important to find and select a partner that understands your company-specific complexity, are experts in implementation and not having extra costs (CRs). I think the partner selection is a key for keeping the costs in plan.

Other Solutions Considered

Before choosing this product, an evaluation was done.

Other Advice

You don’t need be an expert in this tool area but you should consider carefully, what is your company’s target? Shall managers use the system or only HR? Are you only migrating the old system to the new or are you trying to fully utilize the new system? However, the most important is, of course, your internal resourcing and how ready your company is for the cloud implementation (e.g., global identity management, standardized workstations)? The implementation of SuccessFactors modules is usually very easy and standard, but the complexity comes with the relationships to other topics (e.g., integrations).

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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