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We get our value from the risk-evaluation and the additional protections.​

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Valuable Features

Aside from the two factor authentication requirements that we have, as far as having access to HIPA protected data, there's also the risk engine that helps us evaluate and answer questions like "When was the last time and location that a person accessed that data?" It's infeasible within time and place, they can't have been in Dallas at 3:00 and then at Florida at 3:30 and say, "Yeah, it's the same person accessing that data."

It will therefore help us respond with "Hey, maybe we need to re-evaluate and see if that's really the same person." We try to make sure that our customers only use one device to access that data, preferably their work device. We don't really want them accessing that from their home PCs and potentially exposing that data to other places. So, we'll use device fingerprinting as well to make sure that we are getting them on just that one device and not letting them proliferate on other devices we wouldn't like.

Improvements to My Organization

It allows us to assure our customers that we are protecting their data. We deal with a lot of other data. They'll have contractual and as well as Federal requirements to protect that. It's just another tool in our toolbox to make sure that happens.

Stability Issues

The solution itself is pretty stable. We are working with the teams to get new functionality to help some of our more recent challenges, different customers and applications that we, developers wanted to use that data different ways. And so, sometimes it becomes a challenge to integrate them into our existing tool set. But, CA has been pretty good about working with us to make sure we have the right resources and expertise to customize our tools if we need to or help us with something new.

Scalability Issues

If we're not using the right product or we need to use something else, they're usually really good about saying, "Hey, well, we have this offering that'll maybe work a little bit better for what you're trying to do." Or for example, if we're doing stuff with your traditional data centers versus doing things in the cloud, sometimes the same methods and parents you would use in one place don't really translate to the other. And if you try to force it, then it doesn't scale well. That's where they would come in and help us with something different.

Customer Service and Technical Support

It's really good. They make sure that if we are having a challenge with a issue that is taking too long for instance, do we need to get more people to understand the problem? Do we need to start having regular work sessions whether it's a WebEx or if you see in real-time what we're seeing, they can better understand what issue we're having so they can address it and get us back to where we need to be.

Initial Setup

Sometimes getting this set up does take a bit longer. It's not always install, next, next, next, finish. We have so many requirements that we're trying to meet again either from Contractual or Federal standpoint that we're not always the easiest to configure for. We have a lot of special cases and we'll present a lot of challenges to them that again they'll help us like, "Well, to do this, you're going to need this, this, this and this." And again, help us get all the right pieces in place wherever they need to be, working the way they need to and deployed.

Other Advice

If you just need basic 2-factor, it fills the bill. Where we get our value is the risk-evaluation and those additional protections.

Make sure you have all your requirements identified and really think about what you're trying to accomplish. A lot of times, we'll have a problem and we'll already have a solution in mind. And, "How do we make this fit this?" Versus "Well, what do we actually need to get done?" And build all that out first. Then talk to your support team like, "Well, here's what we're trying to do." And then maybe get their feedback because sometimes they'll have a different idea of what you should be doing with your portfolio instead of trying to, "Well, I've got this square peg here, and this is kind of roundish but I think I can actually hit it hard enough, I can make it work." They may have something that's a little rounder for you and give you some of the same things that you're trying to look for.

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