Symantec Privileged Access Manager Review

It adds another layer of security from the basic OS security of Linux and Windows, although the rule management portion and reporting is very weak on its own.

Valuable Features:

It consists of three components that work well together: access controls, SIEM, and password recording capabilities.

Improvements to My Organization:

The access control component is solid. It adds another layer of security from the basic OS security of Linux and Windows. A lot of customers use it. The segregation is difficult to achieve as different OS's require different skill sets, but in terms of admin, it’s the same cost, and that’s a key benefit.

Room for Improvement:

The rule management portion and reporting is very weak on its own. Also, the login part and visibility are not user friendly, as is management of the policies. Moreover, I can't easily generate the metrics. Once the rules increase, if you can’t cross-reference it becomes a challenge.

Deployment Issues:

With any deployment, you may have overkill, so it’s up to the business to get balance with rules.

Stability Issues:

It’s been in the market a long time, so thankfully it is stable.

Scalability Issues:

Scalability is not an issue because of the architecture. The management piece just manages policies, so you can still go the system and are not handicapped.

Initial Setup:

The initial set up is very straightforward. The complexity is not so much of a problem, but that’s up to the organization.

Other Solutions Considered:

There are not many players in this arena so there aren't many choices. IBM has a solution, but I don’t think they push it.

Other Advice:

Definitely you have to go for a tested solution. This solution doesn’t have bugs, but you should follow CA’s messaging that it’s always good to deploy in small chunks. Applications have problems, and sometimes it’s a process. You just have to expand over time.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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