Tableau Review

Fast, quick, powerful rich data visualisations that can be shared across our institute. Best software I've ever used.

Valuable Features

The ability to quickly connect to all of our datasources, whether its a Oracle or MySQL database, and excel sheet of a csv file and produce a rich interactive visualisation that can then be shared amongst everyone on site is fantastic. The ease of the interface makes it a joy to use.

Improvements to My Organization

Previously all reporting was very static. Each report would answer one specific question and if someone needed more information they would typically have to ask for another report to be made. Tableau allows us to create interactive reports with filtering, parameters and drill downs allowing the viewers to investigate their own data and find their own answers without having to go through a reporting team.

Room for Improvement

It would like to see autosaving, embedded fonts and other options to improve the ease of dashboard layout.

Use of Solution

I first started using Tableau in June 2011

Deployment Issues

None, the install seemed very straight forward and we successfully rolled out Tableau Server to all the users on site.

Stability Issues


Scalability Issues


Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service: Superb on the very few occasions I have had to make use of it. I have had a timely response and my issues have been fixed.Technical Support: Again, I haven't had the need to use this very often but when I did it was excellent. The support forums and technical documentation is second to none.

Previous Solutions

We used a combination of custom webpages written in perl and the Jaspersoft reporting webapp.

Initial Setup

After getting the requirements for Tableau server the actual set-up and deployment seemed to go very smoothly.

Implementation Team

We used The Information Lab to assist with some of the initial set-up. They were excellent and would recommend them to anyone.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

Unknown as I am a power user and not a site admin nor involved in anything to do with license costs.

Other Solutions Considered

We were introduced to Tableau by a collaborator and went on their recommendation as they had already looked at other vendors.

Other Advice

Download the free demo, connect to some data and play with it. See for yourself how easy and quick it is to produce something that previously took you days to to. Look on to see what other people have made it with.
Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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