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Tableau Review
Easily the most user-friendly (particularly for non-technical users) BI Tool I’ve ever used.

Valuable Features

Extraordinary ease of use, easier to use than any competitor product I’ve used in 15 years or so I’ve worked on MI/BI.

Since I originally wrote this, I have found the mapping on Tableau has been extremely useful and easy to use, particularly that it includes very good geocoding for the UK. In terms of the UK, the support and community here is also exceptional and I know that I don't have to trawl through sites endlessly to find solutions, the community is one of the strongest I've seen thus far in BI

Improvements to My Organization

Speed of data discovery and accelerated our ability to remodel our data and improve our existing ETL processes.

Room for Improvement

Expansion of number of visualisations, as well as potential for straight to dashboard function, rather than design individual visualisation – these are, however, genuinely not priority to amend.

Having used another software for a reasonable period of time, I wonder about the chances of incorporating other languages, such as d3.js in future releases (NB I'm still using 8.3)

Use of Solution

~3 years

Deployment Issues

This was a Proof of Concept rather than full roll-out.

Stability Issues

No, but important to note it was PoC.

Scalability Issues

No, but important to note it was PoC.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:


Technical Support:

Exceptional, probably the best user community I’ve ever seen in nearly 15 years of working in MI/BI/Analytical roles.

Previous Solutions

Currently use an alternative provider, looking to switch to a newer more empowering piece of software, an alternative to Tableau was selected at a Global CIO level.

Initial Setup

Extremely simple. Download a package, enter a key post purchase and that’s it. Very easy.

Implementation Team

Vendor team – they had (and indeed have) significant knowledge of the product and continue to share best practice tips and knowledge through their e-publications.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

Standard software license cost to setup initially and an optional maintenance fee which include version upgrades. On balance, the costs of software balance nicely against the user experience because you probably wouldn’t need to spend a great deal on training as the product is straightforward to use. I continue to use Tableau in my free/personal time but have been using Tibco Spotfire much more frequently in my professional capacity, so will look to update my review of that software as well

Other Solutions Considered

Evaluated numerous different BI tools, including but not restricted to Cognos, Jaspersoft, Pentaho, Tibco Spotfire.

Other Advice

Assess the scalability using the Server set up, engage users of the tool independently through the Tableau Community for their ideas and advice on the pro’s and con’s of the tool. Even the biggest evangelists will be honest enough to tell you where it doesn’t meet their expectations.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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Michael salazar li?1416842478

Have you looked at the UI at Sisense?

Like (0)13 April 15
Ed dallal li?1425565817

I believe QlickSense is coming on strong with the latest announcements of the charting capabilities and most recently just announced the capabilities to be able to export to PDF or PowerPoint and print the story/charts. Very intriguing product in deed.

Like (1)04 May 15
Dave reese li?1429470478
Dave ReeseReal UserTOP 20

Very useful. Thanks.

Like (0)05 May 15
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Alec GuerensteinConsultantTOP 5

Tableau does very well what it was designed to do. It has also re-defined the role of IT in the context of self-served analytics.
In the last few years it has learned they have to partner with other companies to deliver an E2E solution, becoming an option to the monolithic "does-it-all" platform.
I believe the cost of making it extremely simple to put the design features in power-user hands is paid in the corporate development side, when trying to formalize and give governance to connections, visualizations and dashboards.

Like (0)13 February 16
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Orlee GillisCommunity Mgr

Alec, can you share which platforms you have used in integration with Tableau and how it impacted your productivity?

Like (0)05 October 16
Cmardinotto li?1414329782
Carlos Mardinotto JuniorConsultantTOP 5POPULAR

Can you talk about Tableau Scalabilily and if Tableau does use cubes (MDX)

Like (0)08 November 16
Gareth crawshaw li?1414337963
Gareth CrawshawConsultantTOP 5POPULAR

In terms of MDX, here’s a link to a tutorial on MDX and data cubes<>. You may have to sign up to watch, but I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how little this leads to being spammed and called incessantly by sales calls, as it does with other software providers.

In terms of scalability, there are some good documentation on this, for example this whitepaper<> on version 9 of Tableau. I also look to the Tableau Fans & Friends<> area of If you want to have a more independent view, I often frequent the blog of Andrei Pandre<>, as I find he has a very balanced view of comparing software in the visualization space.

I think this should give you some detail and also have this backed by people other than me

Like (1)08 November 16
Cmardinotto li?1414329782
Carlos Mardinotto JuniorConsultantTOP 5POPULAR

Thank you Gareth

Like (0)09 November 16
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