Tableau Review

We have repeatedly had trouble importing raw data with predetermined structure. Best aspect is the data flexibility.

Valuable Features

Without a doubt the best aspect of Tableau is the data flexibility. I work with Tableau within the confines of a healthcare organization- which is constantly expanding the metrics, datasets and sources we have to draw from in order to meet the needs of the US government, our physicians and most importantly our patients. With Tableau we have the ability to create a dashboard that displays all of the aforementioned data sources in a way that appears uniform.

Improvements to My Organization

Before we built a data platform using Tableau we were unable to align our employees around their data. We had a few dozen data sources representing important areas of focus for our operations teams. It was unreasonable to expect our operational leaders to consistently monitor the results of these different reports. Our hope was to build a platform everyone could access, that would be a one stop shop for reliable answers to important business questions; Tableau gave us that ability and made it affordable.

Room for Improvement

While Tableau is flexible it doesn't deal well with data that comes in a predetermined organization- i.e. data cubes. Our team has repeatedly had trouble trying to import raw data if it had any predetermined structure.

Use of Solution

Two years.

Deployment Issues

No, it was pretty seamless.

Stability Issues

The issues we have encountered have been largely due to our own server structure, not Tableau itself.

Scalability Issues

On the contrary, Tableau gave us the ability to manage larger volumes of data.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:


Technical Support:


Previous Solutions

No, not for this purpose.

Initial Setup

Very straightforward- we were live with access in a few days, though it took a few months to build our more polished dashboards.

Implementation Team

Our decision support team handed deployment, in house.

Other Advice

You will need a team comprised of programmers, developers, user experience specialists and customer service representatives.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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