Tableau Review
It helps you reach the specific chart that you need and you can add any kind of additional data at any time.

Valuable Features

I really like the design of the charts. The rapidness of the development is impressive. Its full set of options helps you reach the specific chart that you need and you can add any kind of additional data source (Excel, flat file, databases) at any time.

In comparison to others, this product gives you the power to make any chart that you can imagine with your data, getting insights with the results and leveraging the need of a “metadata” model behind it.

With the rapidness of the development, the business user only needs 1/5 or maybe 1/10 of the time required to perform analysis and achieve results; they can just use drag & drop.

The most important and valuable feature is the ability to merge any kind of data with your data set, even cloud data (web services). It gives the business user the power to analyze something new with his own datasources.

Improvements to My Organization

My company is a Tableau partner, and we are located in Lima, Peru. We used it to perform a geo-spatial analysis of prospects, and we created a distribution of them with a drill-down analysis for future clients, so we can segment the appointments and the demo presentations.

Room for Improvement

Tableau lacks a lot of ETL capabilities. Of course, it’s not the core of the product but it is the best tool for data discovery and really needs an ETL or data quality module inside of the suite. Enterprises have to use another tool (such as Alteryx, IBM DataStage or Talend Studio) in order to support some business needs. But this entails additional cost, maintenance, resources, etc.

Tableau will add a lot of capabilities for data blending, joins between different data source, etc., in its next version, Tableau 10.

Use of Solution

I have been using Tableau Desktop for three years. I began with version 7.0.

Deployment Issues

Tableau is easy to deploy.

Stability Issues

Stability is great.

Scalability Issues

Scalability lacks some features. For example: governance, better clustering, dual authentication, detailed options of security, events manager, etc. That is why I only see Tableau as a data discovery and dashboarding tool (for senior management).

Customer Service and Technical Support

Support and customer service is good, not excellent. 8/10

Previous Solutions

I was using SAP BusinessObjects for four years, then I met Tableau and I realized how discontinued the SAP product was. Of course, all the BI platforms think that way, they were discontinued with the monolithic vision of data warehousing.

Then, all of the data-discovery tools appeared and all of us were amused.
I chose Tableau because it can give you answers very fast without the intervention of IT (most of the cases).

As we can see in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms, Tableau is the leader among all the data-discovery tools, Tableau defined the BI trend, and now the rest of the BI platforms are incorporating these functionalities and improving them.

Initial Setup

Initial setup was easy, the commercial department of my company adopted the tool right away and start creating its dashboards.

Implementation Team

We implemented this with an in-house team. We used the product portal in order to learn about its development and we used some classrooms in the region for Sales, Tableau Desktop and Server.


Tableau offers a rapid ROI in comparison to other tools. It’s a very cheap tool, but it has some barriers in big enterprises.

Other Advice

They should read about compatibility. Before implementing Tableau, they should meet with the business users and ask:

  • What are your needs in business intelligence?
  • Do you have some information silos?
  • Is the generation of information a manual process?

The BI area should perform a self-assessment of a business intelligence roadmap in order to plan the development of the product, the areas involved in the pilot, the information needed to achieve the business goals and define the final architecture for the BI deployment in the near future.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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