Tableau Review
It has a Sense-Me tool that indicates the most appropriable graphic to use with the selected dimension and measure information.

Valuable Features

It can build in-memory data with an easy-to-use interface, connecting numerous data sources and linking referenced tables/origins. It also has an awesome Sense-Me tool that indicates the most appropriable graphic to use with selected information (dimensions and measures) and, in my opinion, works like a charm!

Improvements to My Organization

It shows us our client’s profile, our best services and what areas are not satisfying the target. Also, it gives us a better sense of market needs, using non-structured data (like social media, government data).

Room for Improvement

It needs a more robust way to connect and share the "big-data" origin. It also needs an easy-to-develop interface for creating new charts and tools in business dashboards.

Use of Solution

Version 8: 10 months, Version 9: 1 month.

Deployment Issues

I have not encountered any deployment, stability or scalability issues.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Tableau has incredible consulting people and comprehensive support professionals, solving and clarifying any questions.

Previous Solutions

We used (and continue to use) SAP Business Objects 4.1 Edge (and all the embedded tools...). We acquired the SAP BO licenses to initialize our business intelligence project. But, our bigger problem is using lot-and-not-linked tools to generate insights. Some of our needs are only answered by Explorer, another only by Dashboard Design (Xcelsius – and it’s so old...), another only by Lumira (and can’t be viewed on LaunchPad – The Web-Portal of BO - forcing users to install the app on their machines without mobile support).

Initial Setup

Tableau is an easy-to-install tool, like Next-Next-Finish!

Implementation Team

We installed it by ourselves, only viewing the vendor’s documentation to make sure we’re using the correct parameters. It is a good way to start; always see what the vendor’s site has in their documentation area.


Our employees no longer have to search for information in many systems and/or use a web search; they can just go to the BI platform and do a lot of analysis by just clicking. So, with this time savings, our ROI is more than 100% - a lucrative investment.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

Before looking at the pricing/licensing, research all of the employees’ needs. Make a matrix with their needs and the available BI platforms on the market, checking which platform addresses the way your business way-to-do. Then, determine which users will use the platform to see information, to create information and to build information.

Other Advice

Just test before you buy. All BI platforms have a lot of functionalities and, also, a lot of needs.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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