Tableau Review
Its visuals make more of an impact than numbers alone. It requires shifting how you communicate data, making it difficult to share via traditional methods.

Valuable Features

The ability to have a question and be able to quickly find the answer without having to reconfigure the data like you would have to using Excel. It also makes it much easier to visualize data in different ways quickly.

Improvements to My Organization

Seeing visuals of data makes more of an impact than the numbers alone, as most people are more affected by visuals rather than just numbers. We’ve been able to spur change by using visuals to back up points that we wanted to make more effectively than by just using the numbers alone.

Room for Improvement

Share-ability. If your audience isn’t using Tableau, getting them to see and use the insights can be challenging. Tableau’s approach to communicating information around data is great, but it requires a shift in how you communicate it and they purposefully don’t make it easy to share via traditional methods (e.g. PPT).

Use of Solution

I have used it for ~2 years.

Deployment Issues

Not really applicable to me, but it still is in the process of scaling to the entire company (3,000-plus employees).

Customer Service and Technical Support

Technical support is average. It’s a lot of self-service forums that require you searching through the relevant postings on issues. It’s pretty comprehensive and as long as you are comfortable with a Stack Overflow-like approach to Q&A, it’s fine.

Previous Solutions

We used QlikView. I’m not 100% sure what drove this selection over QlikView.

Initial Setup

N/A for the technical setup. It does require a learning curve as you need to adjust from the way you’ve interacted with data previously, to how it’s set up in Tableau.

Other Advice

As with any software implementation, it's going to require learning, adoption and acceptance, so you want to temper your expectations of immediate success and reinforce the use of Tableau throughout your company.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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