Tableau Review
One of its greatest strengths is that it can very quickly perform various analyses, tests and rules out different scenarios.

Valuable Features

One of its greatest strengths is that it can very quickly perform various analyses, tests and rules out different scenarios, in seconds. It works perfectly integrating different data sources and applying immediate updates.

Ease of use: It requires a brief introduction and then you can use your imagination to perform all the analyses you want.

Other valuable features are: the ability to graphically represent different ideas, integration with different data sources and the ability to perform the deployment throughout the organization. To perform analysis is important but being able to share empowers the organization.

Improvements to My Organization

Tableau has allowed automated analysis and delivery. We have managed to automate reports that previously took up to 10 days to produce. Now, we can deliver these reports in a day (including updating databases).

Room for Improvement

They can improve the integration of SAP BW (join between elements) and Tableau Server platform, better adaptation for tablets and cellphone by the application and organize displays more efficiently.

Use of Solution

We have used Tableau for almost a year and a half.

Deployment Issues

The connection between Tableau Server and SAP BW can sometimes be unstable and lose the connection, at which point it does not display the query or the hub to which it was connected.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Tableau technical support is one of the best I've had. 9!

Initial Setup

Installation is really quick and easy; you just download the version directly from the official website of Tableau. The server configuration was a bit more complex but we had the support of the local provider.

Implementation Team

You should always analyze the variables; each organization is unique. However, for implementation, we ran the methodology suggested by Tableau Drive, which is based on others’ experiences.

It has allowed us to replace reports. The impacted report areas have been empowered by the tool, and are more aware of the data they report.

Other Solutions Considered

We evaluated Qlik Sense, SAP Lumira and Tableau. We decided on Tableau over Qlik and Lumira for ease of use by the functional teams, and because they have a direct supplier in Venezuela, including support and training. At the time of evaluation in May 2015, SAP Lumira’s analysis development capabilities and its integration with different data sources were not as good as Tableau’s. Even when connecting SAP Lumira with SAP BW, we could not publish analyses.

Other Advice

It is important to consider change management, definition of roles and performance analysts.
Tableau is a powerful tool for performing analyses and communicating them. We managed to empower the organization with Tableau and we are in the process of extending it to all the analytical community of our company.
We can integrate with SAP BW and perform analysis of information. However, we have found it difficult to join elements of BW such as cubes or queries, but this promises to be resolved in the new version, Tableau 10.
We are really pleased to have chosen Tableau as our ETL tool to support our analysis and sharing it within the organization.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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