Tableau Review
Dependency on the IT team has been reduced. Visualization and ease of use are the product’s most valuable features.

Valuable Features

Visualization and ease of use are the product’s most valuable features. Dependency on the IT team has been reduced. Users feel comfortable creating their own dashboards.

Improvements to My Organization

Tableau Provides a set of different visualizations that were not available in OBIEE. The dashboards help narrate a story. As an organization, we were able to bring in more people to use our platform because it was easy to use and helped business teams make quick decisions. In OBIEE, the business was dependent on IT vendors to generate reports. With Tableau, non-technical business users have become familiar with creating dashboards, thus reducing dependency on IT vendors.

Room for Improvement

We were not able to implement organization-wide security the way it exists in BO or OBIEE. We had to do a workaround to restrict access by transferring roles on the portal using Java and PHP to restrict content.

The second area for improvement is the processing large amount of data using R.

Finally, I’d like to see Tableau have more statistical capability.

Use of Solution

I have used it for three years now and am pretty happy. We're going to upgrade on 9.3 in Q3/Q4.

Deployment Issues

I have not encountered any deployment, stability or scalability issues to date.

We are planning to increase our infrastructure to support more complex queries in Tableau. We are still in process of integrating R with Tableau. This is one area where I can see problems as R and Tableau both have issues processing large amount of data.

Customer Service and Technical Support

I rate technical support 8/10.

Previous Solutions

We were using OBIEE for generating dashboards and wanted to upgrade our system with better visualization tools.

Initial Setup

Initial setup was pretty straightforward, except for security. Also, we had to change the entire data model so that we could get in Tableau dashboards similar to those we had in OBIEE.

Implementation Team

Technical expertise: in-house. Support: vendor team. I recommend that in-house implementation to bring expertise onto the team.


We were able to see 200% increase in usage of the platform vs usage of OBIEE.

Other Solutions Considered

We evaluated Spotfire, QlikView & Sisense. It came down to a tough choice between Spotfire and Tableau. We finally selected Tableau because it is good in providing visualizations, its integration with R, and it has a lot of connectors with various databases that Spotfire does not have. It also looked promising that it would provide more features in future releases.

Other Advice

Do not think twice about it; just go for it to find new insights in your data. There is a great future for this tool. It will help you perform basic statistical analysis. It will give you a different way to look at data structures.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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