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Tableau Review
It has good community support and useful training videos.

Valuable Features:

  • Very easy and fast to build dashboards, compared to many other BI tools
  • Has connectivity options to various data sources
  • Good community support and very useful free training videos

Improvements to My Organization:

Clients are pleased with the beautiful and interactive dashboards. They are also happy with the noticeable shortening in time to production.

Room for Improvement:

If it had a semantic layer, it would be great. I know Tableau is not meant for data modeling but the data warehouse is not always perfect. Without a semantic layer, we need to reach out to the ETL team for even small data model changes.

Also, a semantic layer would have allowed for building 'subject areas' by grouping tables and defining joins. This would then allow users with appropriate permissions to build ad-hoc reports without having to worry about table joins.

Use of Solution:

I have used it for 1.5 years.

Deployment Issues:

We did not have any issues with deployment, stability and scalability. We deployed Tableau Server in the AWS cloud.

Technical Support:

We have contacted customer support few times and the support team always came back with solutions / work-arounds promptly. So, customer service and technical support is good.

Previous Solutions:

We evaluated a few other solutions, but we chose Tableau because of the speed with which we can build reports, the simple deployment (cloud), easy scalability and the cost factor.

Initial Setup:

Initial setup was straightforward and in fact very simple.

Implementation Team:

An in-house team implemented it, but we went for AWS cloud-based deployment, which was not complex.

Other Advice:

Try the trial versions and explore all of the features before going in; it is very useful. Also, the training videos on their website are good.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.


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