Tableau Review
It is intuitive. Tech-savvy business people can run with it.

Valuable Features

Various features are valuable. It is intuitive; Tableau have been investing and releasing regularly. A tech-savvy business person can run with Tableau if they have a decent DWH and engineer supporting it. Access rights can quickly get out of hand, but with Tableau's UI and a tech-savvy business person committed to using the product, they can take charge and not have to rely on the tech team.

Improvements to My Organization

It is helping to make Makerbot a data-driven company.

Room for Improvement

A simple mode for new/occasional users might be helpful. Occasional users will always have trouble coping with such a feature-rich product. Unless you are using it every day, and it is crucial for at least part of your job, the learning curve never flattens out. A simpler "mode" which removes many of the more complex features or just hides them in tool "ribbons" might present a less-daunting interface to aid adoption by the vast majority of users.

Use of Solution

I have used it for four years (released ~5-10 years ago).

Deployment Issues

I have not encountered any deployment issues.

Stability Issues

I have not encountered any stability issues.

Scalability Issues

I have not encountered any scalability issues.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:

Customer service is good.

Technical Support:

Technical support is good.

Previous Solutions

Domo: inflexible due to lack of expertise and confusing with blurred demarcation between DWH, ETL and BI layers.

Initial Setup

Initial setup was straightforward.

Implementation Team

I implemented it myself.


We achieved ROI in <1 year.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

Don't buy licenses until there is actual demand - buy a couple of full desktops and a couple of cloud licenses and grow from there ONLY when you have tables/reports/dashboards for users.

Other Solutions Considered

We also evaluated Domo and QlikView.

Other Advice

Start ASAP with a tiny cohort of hungry users; let them drive it.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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