Teradata Review
A Very Stable Product With A 99.9% Up Time

Valuable Features

It is a solid database a lot of different tools to move data.

Improvements to My Organization

Basically, Teradata has allowed the multiple businesses that I have consulted for to build and store their Data Warehouse related data efficiently. It also serves up the data quickly, if tuned and organized properly.

Room for Improvement

Cost, but Teradata is currently making improvements in this area.

Use of Solution

Nine years.

Stability Issues

Most of the organizations that I have consulted with have a 99.9% up time. The product is very stable.

Scalability Issues

Teradata is great as far as scalability once you have the product. You can move space on the fly. However, adding additional space once your disks are full in the past was expensive. I believe that they are addressing this issue by allowing you to buy only the hardware (disk space, node, amps) you need and not having to perform a total upgrade.

Customer Service and Technical Support

This depends on your service agreement. If you have tier 1 support, you are guaranteed to have full support at any moment.

Previous Solutions

I was not in a position as a consultant to make solution decisions.

Initial Setup

I have never setup a Teradata box personally.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

I am not in a position to share licensing costs.

Other Solutions Considered

I was not in a position as a consultant to make software solution decisions.

Other Advice

Get educated about the product.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.

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Salim Mohamed SayedeReal User

Probably it's the case of Teradata in other regions here in the middle east they are very weak in services and try to over sale by imposing hardware swap instead supporting by adding disk or nodes. And the plan is now to swap to software based solution from another vendor based on commodity servers.

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