TIBCO Jaspersoft Review

Interactive reporting and dashboards using HTML 5 charts. Reports developed in older versions are not supported fully in new versions.

Valuable Features


1) Community edition which is free is the best buy for small to medium companies who can't afford any money at all to try a product.

2) Table components and cross tab which are interactive in nature

3) Interactive reporting and dashboards using HTML 5 charts

4) Ad-hoc reporting, which enables end users who doesn't want to get into any technical difficulties, to generate reports easily using this feature.

5) Dynamic formatting, sorting, hiding columns on the fly and visualizing the data as we wish.

6) Licensing costs which makes this product available to any size of company

Improvements to My Organization

I used this to develop reports to identify how many students are joining a specific college.

Room for Improvement

1) It's not so stable with it's date calculations in domain level reporting.
2) Reports developed in older versions are not supported fully in new versions.

TIBCO support is not that great as the guys are not very keen at resolving the issue and making issues which can be resolved also as enhancements.

One example issue I felt is that we have a domain based report where if you create a bundle file with domain and generate view and report, you will get the labels in bundle file in view and report.

For an existing domain which does not have a bundle file, I tried the same and could not see the functionality working like for the new domain. They said it's an enhancement but I feel they should be able to fix such issues.

They need to improve their support.

Use of Solution

Since 2011.

Stability Issues

Yes. Reports with date related calculations are not so stable.

Scalability Issues

Customers are asking for a report with millions of data to load in seconds and we need some good information about how to improve this.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Customer Service:


Technical Support:


Previous Solutions


Implementation Team



It's a good tool with affordable licensing cost. Good scope for opportunities.

Pricing, Setup Cost and Licensing

Very good.

Other Solutions Considered

Other Advice

These are my personal views with the little experience I have with Jasper and there might be deeper views that can be presented such as how the in-memory engine works - columnar they say.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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