Tintri VMstore Review

Has given us the ability to quickly and easily understand, manage and troubleshoot storage at the granularity of a VM\vDisk.

Tintri's VM-aware storage appliances combined with their intuitive management tools has given us the ability to quickly and easily understand, manage and troubleshoot storage at the granularity of a VM\vDisk.  

Appliance performance has exceeded expectations allowing us to migrate more demanding workloads without concern while increasing the responsiveness and throughput of those applications. 

Going forward we would like to see tighter integration with vSphere to enable the use of tags and other meta data for use in QoS and other management and reporting functions.

Tintri truly delivers a setup and forget storage solution that allows us to focus on our primary business instead of managing complicated storage platforms.

Supported with the release and continual improvement of Tintri Analytics we now have a cloud based solution for not only trending and better understanding our long term storage posture but also that of our compute platform.  Tintri gives us tools and data to better manage our day-to-day operations while also planning more effectively for the future.   

Since my initial review we have continued to grow/expand our Tintri footprint and have now completely replaced our legacy, costly, ageing storage solutions.  

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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