Tintri VMstore Review
Good for VDI environments or if you need to provide high-end VMWare solutions.

Valuable Features:

The fact that it is very easy to set up and delivers. It is a set and forget environment with a very good tooling to view performance and delivers the IOPS we need for our VDI environment.

Improvements to My Organization:

When implementing our VDI environment we noticed that we were unable to push out the IOPS for the VDI's to achieve the performance we wanted to. With Tintri we are able to deliver good performing VDI desktops.

Room for Improvement:

Speed of our VDI machines. We have a very high log in and log out ratio and machines are being refreshed instantly so we have a constant boot storm on our storage. Tintri can easily put up the effort then run this smoothly.

Use of Solution:

For over 3 years.

Deployment Issues:

None whatsoever. From unboxing to actually using it it took us about 45 minutes.

Stability Issues:

Not until now.

Scalability Issues:

Not until now. Because we don't have a full flash array but a hybrid we expected to not have a 100% flash hit ratio but to this day we never got below 100% hit ratio of Flash.

Customer Service:

Perfect. Normally they are aware of an issue earlier than we are. And even if they don't support something they still put in the effort to help us

Technical Support:

Very high.

Previous Solutions:

Yes, we used diferent kinds of storages but they were unable to deliver the IOPS we needed.

Initial Setup:

Straightforward. As said, within 45 minutes from unboxing to production.

Implementation Team:

Through a vendor team. Other than getting the Tintri out of the box it was very easy.

Cost and Licensing Advice:

I think it is a very good solution. You get a good bang for buck.

Other Solutions Considered:

Yes, we tried multiple storage vendors but at that time Tintri was our best option for what we needed to achieve. They also provided us with a demo model.

Other Advice:

I'd say if you are going for VDI environments or need to provide high end VMWare solutions make sure to try Tintri. If you tried it and used it you wont go back to anything else.

Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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