Tricentis Tosca Review

I would recommend it to a team which does not have much reliance on technical testers but more with business testers

a) It is a good tool for use by Business

b) It requires an initial framework / artifacts to be built by a person who is technical and can understand testing an application in-depth.

i) He has to be a person who can create the modules and also do some technical coding using VB and/or Java & C#

ii) He has to have a background of working with Excel and Math functions, so that he can create the relevant queries and use the in-built TQL language to create the required reports and search + merge duplicates.

c) Good use in Agile workshops, where the person needs to conceptualize the tests before the developer provides the complete application interface.

i) Has an integrated Requirements module, which integrates and creates a good report tool for senior management to use and get the progress and coverage of the work being implemented.

ii) Test Case Design is a unique concept to TOSCA, created through their Linear Q method and the Orthogonal method, to provide a self-sufficient way to reduce your tests and increase your coverage of testing.

d) It is as yet to become mature enough, and has a few quirks, but a very responsive and well trained (technically and customer oriented) Support Technical Team, that can cater for and provide you with updated information and solutions for the issues you encounter.

e) Might have a learning curve, as it does not follow the traditional Record-Play functionality, but tests have to be built from requirements or Agile story cards.

f) Current version also has graphs for the Test Case and Test Design workflow.

g) A plug-in has been developed, which allows for the tool to do Database Reconciliation for BI data migration tables. Also has a framework for recognizing and addressing the Cognos UI interface.

h) Updated with a Tableau plug-in also, which allows the users to check data in Database and the Tableau UI.

i) Integration with JIRA and TeamCity is also available out of the box with the new v9.3 REST API and "TOSCA CI Professional" license. You can configure it to allow multiple machines to connect and run the same.

j) New v9.3 contains the Analytics Web interface, which allows the Management to have a look at the Execution Status and related tests in a Web Interface and graphical manner. Integrated with the product and minimal configuration on it.

k) Version 10.x added an Exploratory Testing Server also, which allows the Business Users to add Workflow Scenarios while they are using the actual application, and this is recorded as Test Steps in a central repository to be later converted into Tests.

l) From version 10.2, a new licensing model has been added, where the user has to login and create an account for managing licenses online on the Support.Tricentis portal and/or the Cloud portal licenses.

Overall I would recommend it to a team which does not have much reliance on technical testers but more with business testers who can create the tests on the fly, as they know what to expect out of the application. That said, it does require a good technical background also to initially set it up and provide a base from where the business test team can take it up and easily maintain it.

Which version of this solution are you currently using?

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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