Trillium TS Quality Review

Approach your problem incrementally – get quick wins and then improve rather than a big bang approach.

Valuable Features

Ease of data profiling and discovery to uncover hidden data risks and issues. South African name and address parsing, geocoding and matching.

Use of Solution

About 10 years.

Deployment Issues


Scalability Issues

The only limitations are in terms of available disk space. Users should ensure that they cater for the necessary disk space for their application.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Good – quick turn around and follow up if issues are not resolved immediately.

Previous Solutions


Initial Setup


Implementation Team

Through the vendor – good skills and local knowledge.

Other Solutions Considered


Disclosure: My company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: partner

Can you provide more detail regarding it's specifics around de-duplication such as golden record survivorship and any augmentation services it provides?

13 July 15
Managing Director with 51-200 employeesReal User

Hi GaryM

Before I talk about golden record a little more around matching.

Trillium matches at two levels - in effect a grouping (or Level 1) match that by default groups related records - e.g. Households. It then matches for individuals within the group - a level 2 match within level 1. Unlike many competitive tools, which match based on a probability that groups together many separate conditions, Trillium allows you to isolate and test specific match conditions - so that you can easily identify how two records were matched based on the specific set if criteria used.

The platform has a component called the Commoniser which builds a common (or golden) records made up of the best attributes from each record in the set. The Commoniser can be used to build a common record at both level 1 (Household) and Level 2 (Individual) levels. There are multiple criteria that can be used to pick an attribute - without writing code.

In effect, Trillium provides a robust, high performance platform for trusted matching, and building the golden record, that can be plugged into an MDM or CRM application.

It is not a full MDM platform - no repository , no user front end, and no data synchronization. But it does an excellent job of cleansing and consolidating data as part of an MDM architecture.

13 July 15
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