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I've used WhatsUp Gold and this is one of the best SNMP/monitoring solutions I have seen.

Fluke Networks is a well known name when it comes to network testing hardware and devices. That being said, their Visual TruView monitoring software is top notch and one of the best SNMP/monitoring solutions I have seen.

I have used the competitors products in the past, namely WhatsUp Gold and others, and they don't even come close to offering what Fluke does with their product!

The way that TruView presents its information, via a HTML5 front-end applet with the visual and textual renditions of the data is superb, the dashboards are full featured and make it easily readable to even the entry level IT professionals. It helps you narrow down the problem areas quickly and efficiently, and drill in to fix the issue with little to no downtime.

From what little I've used this solution (I've only deployed it twice), it has quickly become my "go-to" for my clients when their in house IT needs a management solution, and especially when I am doing the management myself!

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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author avatarDatabase Manager

It is a great tool that provides network, system and application monitoring solution in a single package. Visual TruView presents critical information in a most impressive way. The visual view of the product delivers stunning graphs and dashboards that make it very easy to translate traffic issues into something actionable.

Moreover, with the network performance section of Visual TruView, we can monitor a site's WAN link utilization, view the health of NetFlow devices and browse through graphs of NetFlow traffic analysis.

author avatarDeveloper at Marquardt Schaltsysteme SCS

I agree with you, Visual TruView is indeed a five star product. It provides to the users end-to-end visibility, it helps them to drill down from the map overview all the way to the actual packets and it can store everything, having a 10Gbps line rate. Another pro is that Visual TruView presents performance analytics through a single visual dashboard and removes the need for swivel chair correlations. I would recommend this product to all network administrators.

author avatarProject Manager at Bureau Veritas
Top ReviewerVendor

This is the best tool when it comes to monitoring. It provides a user friendly GUI interface and alerts can also be configured to monitor the utilization and other network services.