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Gives us the ability to see all levels of the network and applications through one single management console

Before utilizing Visual TruView, we were forced to take a reactive approach to client problems. Any incoming issues would be investigated through a limited platform we had, providing only basic network and application information. While we could identify if an application was running and see generic network information, any real intelligence was absent and required hours of manual testing and analysis before our consultant or engineer could find and resolve the problem (if they could resolve the problem at all). We wanted to expand our presence in the network monitoring field, but to do so, we needed a network and application performance monitoring solution that could provide a complete view and detailed analytics. This would allow our team to strategically identify, track and remediate problems for its customers – essentially delivering a powerful and reliable service.

When working with large enterprise clients, you really have to be able to address, diagnose and resolve issues quickly, which can be a huge challenge when you’re working with such complex networking structures. Our toolset was too limited. We were only able to see basic network information. We needed better visibility to dive into the real root cause of issues, so we could resolve them, move forward and really establish a solid value in our services.

In addition to proactive problem detection and resolution, our team also wanted a solution that could provide data that validated when the network was working properly, so they could eliminate false network accusations.

In many cases, it’s just as important to prove the network is working properly when people begin pointing the finger at perceived network outages. Especially if you’re providing services, because at some point, that finger may point at us. We needed a solution that could quickly provide accurate data that clearly showed if an outside source or provider was impacting the overall network or application delivery ecosystem.

We chose Fluke Networks’ Visual TruView to provide real-time network and application visibility for our clients. The appliance delivers an integrated monitoring platform with a unified view of both network and application performance, quickly locating lurking issues and making troubleshooting a more efficient process. With TruView, we are able to monitor large client networks in real-time and pinpoint any network or application problem efficiently.

Fluke Networks’ Visual TruView has been a godsend for us and for our customers. It allows us to immediately deliver exceptional value and knowledge to the client by not only informing them of a network or application problem in real-time, but also being able to isolate the source of the problem so they can immediately take steps to resolve the issue on their end.

Fluke Networks’ Visual TruView has provided valuable insights to us and our client base, and has led to the resolution of many performance issues since its deployment. Most notably, a large retail client was experiencing degradation in its end-user performance, which was consistently blamed on the network. By using TruView, we were able to analyze the network and its applications, and noticed the customer had deployed an anti-virus system that was trying to update all signatures to all users at once. This was consuming 99 percent of the available bandwidth at certain locations during the day, which had a profound impact on other network operations that were key to business.

Within 10 to 15 minutes of receiving the initial troubleshooting phone call, TruView helped us quickly identify the massive bandwidth issues surrounding the anti-virus system. Without TruView quickly isolating the problem, it would have continued to be a recurring phantom issue that impacted the system. Because we were able to identify the cause immediately, we had the ability to pause the update, schedule it for another time, and return the company to its normal performance standards quickly.

On the business side, TruView also allows us to establish greater credibility with our customers by providing real, actionable data that helps reduce network finger pointing.

The big deciding factor for selecting TruView was that it gives us the ability to see all levels of the network and applications through one single management console. Resolution time with this tool is phenomenal – it succinctly highlights and helps us solve issues we probably would not have discovered without it. With Visual TruView, we can see the full picture, which lets us provide a level of service that is invaluable to our clients.

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