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Enables us to dive into packet-level information for deeper analysis when necessary

We offer a variety of professional IT and network architectural services. Like any business, we have several important applications, such as Exchange, SharePoint, Salesforce, SAP and VoIP, along with other technologies that our internal teams rely on to do their jobs. We needed a centralized platform that was a trusted source of network intelligence and we also need to provide the same network and application visibility for customers that use the our data center for application hosting.

We chose Visual TruView which helps us quickly isolate the root cause by allowing us to easily drill down into context-sensitive packet-level detail. We can navigate through the UI to understand problem domain isolation, which applications are running slow, what servers and sites are impacted, etc. TruView also builds a filter for relevant packet data which allows us to quickly access specific packet data at any point in the process from any UI screen.

It gives us a centralized platform with visibility into key network and application performance metrics, and it allows us, in just a couple clicks, to dive into packet-level details to further troubleshoot in real time.

Most tools tend to go a mile wide and an inch deep. TruView is the opposite. It focuses just on network and application performance, giving us a complete overview of our assets. But then, with just a click, it allows us to go all the way into the packet weeds and do heavy analysis.

For example, when several clients started experiencing massive packet loss and data drops when connecting to applications in the data center, TruView instantly noticed the problem. When we drilled down to find the root cause, we discovered the problem was coming from the same destination port at each client location. By cross-referencing the technology parameters, we realized they all had a Juniper firewall that was running an old software version that couldn’t combat a Layer 7 application (denial of service) attack. I’m not sure how we ever would have found out that all of these clients had the same firewall update issue. TruView illuminated the problem, and we drilled down to the root cause in 23 minutes.

We recently had another customer using VoIP from a partner that was hosted in the data center. After 30 minutes on a call, the VoIP service would drop. Of course, the customer’s analysis said the issue resided with the provider, and the provider’s analysis said it was a customer firewall issue. We jumped in with TruView and captured an entire transaction in transit and inspected it. We found that the client’s firewall was seeing the conversion timing out. The provider was acknowledging the timing-out issue and killing the call. We were able to share that information with the provider and the customer so they could work together to isolate and fix the problem.

**Disclosure: IT Central Station has made contact with the reviewer to validate that the person is a real user. The information in the posting is based upon a vendor-supplied case study, but the reviewer has confirmed the content's accuracy.
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