Tufin Review

The product suite itself brings together organizational units. They can have their own interface and ability to understand what different parts of the company are doing.

What is most valuable?

From my perspective, I think that it’s hard to break it down to a single feature. The visibility it gives and the customizability it provides is invaluable and the change automation is the most powerful capability, at least for now. The application awareness component is a close second. As more organizations adopt this revolutionary way of visualizing enterprise connectivity, SecureApp will fundamentally change the way connectivity is provisioned and decommissioned.

How has it helped my organization?

The product suite itself brings together organizational units. So when you talk about operations, development, management and auditing, all of these organizations have their own interface and abilitie to understand what different parts of the company are doing.

What needs improvement?

I think Tufin is continuously moving towards broader support for other platforms. Including a significant focus on the cloud. This approach is critical to the model of normalizing policy management across the environment - regardless of platform.

For how long have I used the solution?

We've used it for nearly eight years.

What do I think about the stability of the solution?

It's absolutely stable and this is why I always promote it. They have the finest set of coders and developers you can find.

What do I think about the scalability of the solution?

The distributed architecture capabilities allows this solution to scale to anybody’s needs.

How is customer service and technical support?

The support team is second to none. They have multiple offices in multiple countries. They're always available. I know the support teams and leaders personally and they are of great quality.

How was the initial setup?

It’s very easy to get up and running. With anything that is so feature rich and customizable, the installations range from a couple of days to more complex with many days and script writing. It just depends.

What's my experience with pricing, setup cost, and licensing?

Spend the time to evaluate all of the components of the Tufin suite. When you bundle different features together and you bundle components, you get a better price.

What other advice do I have?

We often find customers that have purchased this product for a specific purpose and they limit its use to only that purpose. Do yourself a favor and really explore the entire product and maximize the features and functionality of what you have purchased.

Disclosure: IT Central Station contacted the reviewer to collect the review and to validate authenticity. The reviewer was referred by the vendor, but the review is not subject to editing or approval by the vendor. The reviewer's company has a business relationship with this vendor other than being a customer: I used to work for Tufin. My current company is a Tufin Partner.

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Seriously?!? A "review" about Tufin products who now sells Tufin for a living?

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[Correction] Seriously?!? A "review" about Tufin products from a former Tufin employee who now sells Tufin for a living?

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Community Mgr

Thank you for sharing your feedback. The IT Central Station community is based on transparency and trust as noted in our community guidelines. We strive to ensure that the reader of a review has the necessary information required to make an informed decision about the source of a review. Thus, please note, the badge reads "Consultant" and the disclosure at the bottom of the review reads "I used to work for Tufin. My current company is a Tufin Partner."

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Avigail - with all due respect, listing this review alongside real end-users is misleading and the complete opposite of unbiased. This person has never purchased the product or used it as an end-user. Au contraire, he makes money selling it! (Calling him a "consultant" is quite the euphemism). As you know, most readers look at the average star rating and do not read each individual review so the fine print at the bottom does little to give your community a REAL picture of what paying customers think about a product.

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Hi everyone,

In response to the question regarding my credentials, it is important to know that I have nearly 8 years continuous experience with the testing, design, configuration, deployment, and production usage of FW/network operations, Change Automation and Orchestration solutions. I can say with confidence that there are few people in the Americas, if any, that have been doing it longer or have more production class deployments.

In addition to some of the simpler deployments, in the past 9 months I have consulted on 4 advanced, enterprise class, fortune 100 deployments that included sophisticated integration with HPSM, Archer and an external CMDB.

My input is a direct reflection of my production usage and experience with the Tufin solution, and a direct reflection of the production usage and experience of my customers.

If anyone would like further details, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly. I would be more than happy to provide customer references as well.

I don’t think it gets any more REAL than that

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David, thanks for chiming in.
If you make money when a customer buys Tufin (be it reselling licenses and/or providing integration services) - your review is biased, plain and simple. Out of curiosity - has your current company ever advised one of your customers to look at another Security Policy management solution such as AlgoSec or Firemon? Both have many satisfied customers within the Fortune 100.

Don't get me wrong - it is perfectly OK for employees or resellers to advocate for the product they represent - but that is the definition of bias. It is not OK to throw these reviews in the mix with unbiased opinions of paying customers - that is the opposite of transparency and accuracy. (I am not even going to go into the fact that this review is part of a paid engagement between Tufin and IT Central Station)

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I didn't get you wrong at all.

You questioned my abilities and you questioned my integrity.

You said that "Calling him a "consultant" is quite the euphemism", and you said that I "has never purchased the product or used it as an end-user". You said my input "does little to give your community a REAL picture of what paying customers think about a product."

None of what you said is true. There is nothing unreal or disingenuous about my input.

Surly the VP Marketing and Strategy for Algosec can find a better way of promoting his product than slandering a well respected member of this community.

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You did everything except answer my question. Do you make money when a customer buys and integrates Tufin? If the answer is "yes" - your review of the product is biased. (I never said it was disingenuous - just biased). If the answer is "no" I will humbly and publicly apologize.

To illustrate my point - When Gil Schwed provides his opinion of the Check Point firewall, or when Nir Zuk provides his opinion of the Palo Alto firewall, they are not being disingenuous, they firmly believe they are promoting the greatest product on the face of this earth - but that does not change the fact that they are highly biased.

Finally - enlighten me. According to your LinkedIn profile, for the last 19 years you have worked for 3 companies - Check Point, Tufin, and the current 2-person security advisory you have founded. At which of this companies did you purchase the Tufin product to use on your network as an end-user? Again, if I have made any false claims I will humbly and publicly apologize on the platform of your choice.

Keep it REAL ;-)

P.S. I have searched long and hard for any promotion of the AlgoSec product I have made - still didn't find any...

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Still digging Nimrod?

Don’t change the subject.

I couldn’t care less about your opinion regarding whether you think my input is biased or not.

I take profound exception to the questioning of my abilities, my integrity and now the veracity of my work product.

False claim #1: That my classification as a consultant is not accurate.

False claim #2: That I have “never purchased the product or used it as an end-user”

As a matter of fact I purchased the Tufin audit license as recently as December 21 so that I could perform a production Fortinet rule base optimization for a client. Are you really going to pretend that this isn’t an end user usage of the product?

False claim #3: My input “does little to give your community a REAL picture of what paying customers think about a product”

My input is a direct reflection of my production usage and experience with the Tufin solution, and a direct reflection of the production usage and experience of my customers. I’ll reiterate my offer to introduce the fine people of this community directly to my customer base. I’d be delighted to do so.

Your input on this thread is unproductive, unprofessional, and unwelcome.

You owe this community an apology, and you owe me an apology.

I’ll take mine as a full weekday print page in the Boston Globe.

PS. While you were crawling around my Linked-In page looking for something to justify your misguided slander, did you happen to notice the glowing recommendation from your former VP or Sales? My point is that perhaps you should spend some time talking to industry professionals that you might know and trust before you go off half cocked about people you don’t know at all.

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I was willing to put this one to bed, but as long as you keep distorting the facts I feel compelled to reply.

The ONLY subject of this thread is whether are not your review is biased since the title is of this website is "Unbiased reviews from the tech community". You don't deny that you make money from the product you have reviewed - hence you are biased. Furthermore, you also did not wake up one sunny Boston morning and decide to post a review, you were solicited by this site after having been referred by the vendor, which pays this site money - again bias, bias, bias.

I realize my "consultant euphemism" comment offended you and I would like to truly apologize for it and set things straight. I never doubted your professional credentials - they are not on the line here (Hey, Gil Schwed and Nir Zuk that i mentioned in a previous post are extremely talented and decorated security professionals too) and I am sure you are worthy of every glowing review. (and please give Kin my best regards!).

To illustrate my point - let's say you are shopping around for a new car and reading reviews on a new BMW. You see a review by an "automotive consultant" who is truly an outstanding automotive professional, but alas, he is also a BMW dealer and has sold many happy customers BMWs and BMWs only - he may even drive one himself. We all know he would never ever advocate for a Mercedes or an Audi, would the plain label "consultant" next to his name do justice with his bias in your opinion?

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Look man, you have got it all wrong.

Any you insult every single industry professional out here (Consultant, Vendor, Customer, End User or otherwise) with your I’ll conceived argument. The one dimensional self serving behavior you describe may be the norm in your world, but it’s not in mine.

In this business as in any business the ultimate goal is customer success.

Especially in industries, markets and regions like ours.

We have little more than our abilities and reputation to carry us through our careers.

Our product is our integrity.

Solutions may come and go, employers may come and go, and the tools of our trade may come and go, if we are doing it right, the customer stays with us forever.

You may think that the truth lies in the gray area between the words of your marketing brochures, but out here the truth starts and ends with what we have done for our customers.

I got some more news for you. The overwhelming majority of the good people out here do whatever it takes to get the customer to the right result. So you damn well better believe that if their solution doesn’t fit the task they recommend that the customer look at other solutions.

So yeah, in your example if the BMW car dealer’s customer needs all wheel drive and his cars don’t have it, you damn well better believe that he has pointed him at the Audi.

It’s simply good business.

So I’ll say it again. I don’t care what you think of this forum.

Go bug someone else.

One last thing, your apology is insufficient. You said:

“if I have made any false claims I will humbly and publicly apologize on the platform of your choice.”

The platform of my choice is a full weekday print page in the Boston Globe.

Now go show the world you are a man of your word and leave us alone.

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So many words - so little substance...
I can continue to explain to you why you are wrong (and why an audit license does not constitute as a customer - read what I wrote again about installing the product *on your network* - so you can attest to scalability, reliability etc.) but I realize it will fall on deaf ears.

Let's let the readers of this community be the judge.
Over and out...