Tufin Review

It’s not a dangerous solution because we use it for looking at things and not for making changes.

Valuable Features

I use Tufin SecureTrack, which means I use it for looking at things and not for making changes. The value of it there is that, since I deal with Check Point policies a lot, I can use it to see what changes have been made to the policy since the last time I looked at it, because it may have been a couple of weeks since I last installed a policy or maybe somebody else has had their hand at it.

Tufin gives me a really easy way to graphically look at the policy, before and after changes are made, through two panes. As you drag around one pane, the other moves with it, and they resemble the Check Point dashboard view so it’s very familiar. You can easily spot all the differences and see what has changed in the policy to make sure there are not any mistakes and that nobody accidentally added a block edited any rule at the top of the policy—that’s probably happened to everybody, right?

I also use a feature where you can run a report on rule and object usage. This helps me spot rules or objects that aren’t really ever hit, so I can remove them from the database if they no longer exist.

Improvements to My Organization

Tufin is easy to use, which was really important for us. Also, it’s not a dangerous solution because we can’t make changes with it.

Room for Improvement

I'm running R77, and I'm concerned with how well it will work with R80, the new release of the operating system. R80 changes the way that the dashboard you use to manage the policy looks and operates, and we will have to see whether Tufin keeps up with that or not. Also, in the current R77, the various blades appear as different tabs in the interface and dashboard, and Tufin doesn't look at any of those tabs except the security policy. I'd like it to be able to look for changes in some of the other configurations. In R80, it's all tied together, but for now, it's in a separate panel. I don't currently have any way of using Tufin to audit what changes have been made to the web filtering configuration, for example.

Stability Issues

It's very stable.

Scalability Issues

I don't have a huge environment, but it doesn't seem to require a lot of horsepower. We're running it as a virtual machine, and that's working fine.

Customer Service and Technical Support

We haven’t needed technical support since we moved from a physical to a virtual world.

Initial Setup

It was straightforward. It’s been a few years, but I don’t recall any problems with setup.

Other Advice

I have no problems with Tufin, and it works great, but I would have to give it an eight out of ten. It’s just not as amazing as some of the other technologies I use, like Lancope StealthWatch. I wouldn’t tell anyone to stay away from it—It’s just a good idea to look at the competition and see what’s out there.

**Disclosure: I am a real user, and this review is based on my own experience and opinions.
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