Tufin Review

Tufin Lets Us Clean Up the Rule Base Quickly and Remove Unused Rules.

Valuable Features

Tufin has helped us a lot. It lets us clean up the rule base in a short period of time and remove unused rules. Tufin provides you a report on rules for this that lets you delete objects that are obsolete and no longer needed in the rule base. If you don't use a tool like Tufin, this is done manually and may take days, because for every object, before you delete it, you have to make sure that it is not being used by someone else.

Improvements to My Organization

From a security point of view, Tufin can provide the posture of your environment, meaning whether your rule base is secure or not. It will analyze the file rule base, tell you if the service you enabled is secure, and give you some advice how to deal with the situation.

Room for Improvement

I want Tufin to be used by my entire team, but due to a lack of training and lack of resources, we are not able to do that. I would like to see more training videos that can be distributed to my team in order to really take advantage of the product.

Use of Solution

We have been using it for about 3 years now.

Stability Issues

I find it very stable. We haven't had any big issues since we started using it. Issues we have had have mostly been related to new features being added that weren’t supported by the device. In those scenarios, we submit the case to Tufin and they tell us about the new release.

Scalability Issues

We are a big company and I can say that we are not using the product in its fullest capacity. We have a different type of policy because we are using different vendors and different technologies, and while we have some issues with the juniper devices, it has absolutely been scalable.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Tech support has been fine. Right now I have an ongoing case and there is a delay, but it mostly comes from me because I took time to respond and they are telling me other ways that I know.

Other Solutions Considered

I implemented FireMon three years ago for a customer because the customer specifically requested it. I found it very hard to put in place. I wasn’t a part of the Tufin implementation, but in terms of the product itself, Tufin is easier to use.

Other Advice

I would give Tufin an 8 out of ten because some vendors own multi-contexts, and there are challenges supporting these devices. We are having issues with the Juniper device, for example.

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