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Easy to log in, to navigate, to produce reports and to create workflows.

Valuable Features

The most valuable features are the ease of use and the portal. It is very easy to log in, to navigate, to produce reports and to create workflows. Creating workflows is actually one of the best features that I've seen in the product.

It also gives tremendous insight in that we now know exactly where the rules are, who they belong to, if they being used, and if we need to follow up on a yearly basis to find out if they still need access or if we removed the access because the server went down for whatever reason. Seeing that these rules are actively used helps us a lot. Before Tufin, we knew that we had issues with regards to how many firewalls we had in place. We had rules that were outdated and never being used. We started bringing visibility to that, and that's when we decided that we needed assistance on how to audit the firewall rules.

Improvements to My Organization

Not only is it secure to use, but also we put it out to our customers for them to submit firewall requests. We train them on how to fill out a firewall request, which then goes to us for review. There's a lot of work in detailing what changes are necessary for our firewall, but that's more of the technical side. The user side just needs to understand how they submit the request appropriately, and it took Tufin to do that.

One of the reasons we got Tufin was that pre-Tufin, our firewall had more than 1,200 rules. It was very difficult for us to understand when a rule was last used and if it still existed. With Tufin, we're able to manage and say, "Okay this rule was requested, we know who is the author, and we know who it belongs to and to what application." Understanding and visibly seeing what we can do with the firewall rules and how to audit them helps us manage it better.

Room for Improvement

I would like see the workflow process expand out to give us the ability to tie it to other APIs. I would also like it to log some of the requests that we have and have better dashboard metrics.

Use of Solution

Tufin SecureChange, Tufin SecureTrack - we’ve used it for almost a year and a half.

Stability Issues

There have been no stability issues whatsoever. It’s rock solid.

Scalability Issues

With regards to scalability, we are not only using this product for firewall rule management, but also for other manual workflows that we used to have but are now incorporated into Tufin to allow us to automate and actually have visibility into these manual processes. It’s now online instead of being paper copy. We haven’t had an issue with scalability and it’s been able to keep up with this transition.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Because of the training, we had less calls to technical support since we know how to manage the product. The tech support we have used went well.

Other Solutions Considered

A co-worker recently came to me and asked, "What do you think about Tufin and AlgoSec in comparison”? I told him that Tufin’s customization options out of the box, the value that you get from the training, and the improvements to our organization made it a no-brainer.

Other Advice

I would rate it a nine out of ten, since there's room for improvements, as always.

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