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We use Tufin for oversight and revision control to avoid implementing rules that are against security policy documentation.

Valuable Features

We use Tufin for oversight and revision control to avoid implementing rules that are against security policy documentation, and also to correct any kind of issues or mistakes in policy changes.

It can be useful for comparing rule changes to create rules that are more efficient and more consistent.

Improvements to My Organization

We primarily use Tufin to alert us whenever a firewall policy change has occurred. We immediately get an email with a summary of what changed, the objects, any kinds of rules that were created, and so on. We can review that from our email client to see what the other admin changed and visually see if they did something that was against our standards, if it was just a poorly written rule or something like that.

Room for Improvement

It's asking a lot, but anytime they add stuff to the rule usage analysis or the policy generator - those things are amazing already as they are - we'd really like to leverage that for cleanup and so on. One of the biggest issues for an encroached application silo firewall is that the policies get super-complicated and cleanup is not only a hassle but can impact business.

I’d like to see the cleanup process be more efficient. That's my biggest headache and the biggest elephant in the room. When you have a policy that's got hundreds of rules, help me clean it up please: tell me what rules aren't used, tell me what rules are redundant, and tell me how I can simplify the rule base. I mean it does a lot of that today, but feel free to innovate there. Make it better.

Stability Issues

It has been stable. We pretty much just set it and forget it. It reaches out to us or, when we want to go consult it, we don't typically have any problems pulling it up.

Scalability Issues

It has scaled well for us. We probably have about a couple hundred firewalls feeding it information including rule usage and so on.

Customer Service and Technical Support

We haven't really had to use technical support. I think the only time we had to was during implementation. We have kind of a weird setup where we needed to split out syslog for rule usage analysis because we consolidated our syslog in one place. We said, "Hey, can you just have Tufin pull from that?" Support helped us with that.

Implementation Team

Implementation was easy. The previous solution we had didn't really work. We brought Tufin in, got it working, and rolled it right out.

Other Solutions Considered

I was involved in the implementation, not so much in the vendor selection. Of course, I knew about Tufin, its reputation and so on, so I was not opposed to it at all.

Other Advice

I’m rating the product a nine just because I’m stingy with my tens.
Tufin delivers on everything that we've asked them. For a similar use case, they're solid and you're not going to have any kind of surprises or issues that are going to crop up from what I've seen. As an administrator rolling something out and having it work the first time, that's pretty much all you can ask for.

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